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One bright sunny monsoon day, the clouds fooled the ones carrying umbrellas because they were not willing to bring rain on a Wednesday. In a metropolitan, Chitpavan and Vijay caught up with each other for a chat on girls and gadgets; unfortunately, what g


Chitpavan: Hey! How have you been?


Vijay: Fine. What about you?


Chitpavan: Are you still dating that girl from Shimla?


Vijay: No, things did not work out; so, she sent me a box of apples with a note that read beautifully. She said: Here’s to you Adam, the temptation wasn’t meant to last.


Chitpavan: Well, long distance relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea but talking about apples have heard the news?


Vijay: Oh! Chitpavan don’t get me started, you mean the iPhone 5, do you? It's rubbish, the company has just begun to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S 2; when Samsung is already a step ahead with the Samsung Galaxy S 3.


Chitpavan: Vijay, you’re saying that only because you made a quick decision of buying the Samsung Galaxy S 3. Its psychological, let me explain…


Vijay: Boss! I know what you are going to say. You are going to say that, my hatred for Apple is because I have already bought a Samsung phone, and now I am feeling guilty about not being patient enough to wait for the iPhone 5…


Chitpavan: It’s psychological, now you’re just jealous that of me because I was patient enough to wait for the iPhone. And guess what, I am going to buy it and you won’t have it.


Vijay: hahahaha! You idiot, where exactly are you going to buy it from? US? Australia? Canada? France, Germany? Where?


Chitpavan: I know they aren’t releasing it in India just yet, but they will soon.


Vijay: You can keep waiting for it in that case. However, can you tell me any of the features that are worth waiting for?


Chitpavan: Well, the cameras on both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 are the same; both have an eight megapixel camera, but before you say anything, let me tell you that there are some essential changes made for the shutter speed and with iSight the pictures are stunning. You wouldn’t believe that the photos were taken with a mobile phone. 


Vijay: Are there any stunning phone features available on it? I have heard that the screen is only four inches, while my Samsung is 4.8 inches.


Chitpavan: The iPhone has 4G LTE…


Vijay: Which my Samsung has too. Tell me something that my phone doesn’t have.


Chitpavan: Your phone doesn’t have the superb A6 chip, which means the iPhone 5 has a faster processor.


Vijay: Ok, that’s one added advantage, but we have to wait and see whether that is a real advantage; because the clock speed of the chip has not been given out. Let us hope that the A6 can compete with the S3. However, does the iPhone 5 have “Near Field Communications” or NFC, the feature that allows for the user to collaborate with similar android-devices.


Chitpavan: No. But Vijay, you can’t really compare the two. Apple is brand known for innovations that go far beyond one’s imagination.


Vijay: Very far indeed, is that why one has to go to overseas to buy it? I do not understand why the company does not launch it here. 




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