Obama Wins! But what happens to us?
Posted On 7th November, 2012 @ 00:00 am by

Mitt Romney's journey to the White House has come to an abrupt end, but on the up side Barack Obama has been re-elected for another term.




Besides, the fight for presidency was in many ways a difficult challenge for both the contenders; they both were armed to the teeth with their visions for the country even though they were poles apart. However, the voters, as confirmed by the media’s calculations, prefer to be led by Obama.



We know that Mr. Obama is a charismatic speaker, savvy technophile and a calm detractor of Republican ideals, but what does he have to offer over the next four years that has made the people of America place their trust in him. There are many doubts in the minds of people about the sluggish growth of the American economy that Obama would have to put to rest. Obviously, the results since 2004 haven’t been promising; nevertheless, the American voters have remained loyal to him. 



While Obama has on many occasions in his speeches affirmed that outsourcing of jobs has been a major obstacle to the quick recovery of the American economy, Mitt Romney’s economic policy still aligns itself to what economists call Trickle-down economy. Romney believes in promoting big businesses, assuming that the profits will trickle down to the employees, but what he does not realize is that most of America’s business tycoons get their work outsourced from the Asia Pacific region.



The point to be noted, which may not be very exciting for Indians is that an important means of tackling the situation according to  Mr. Obama is by bringing back the outsourced jobs to America. Thus, due to the pressures of the prevalent economic stagnation in his country, Mr. Obama was on many occasions forced to speak against the outsourcing of jobs in India. Now, that he is back for a second term in the White House, do you think the economic situation can be enhanced by his strategy of cutting down on outsourcing? Do you think Obama can build on the Bush era camaraderie with New Delhi or will this just be another four year disappointment?





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