Bari Bari - Amit Trivedi at Coke Studio @ MTV
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Watch the whole video and read up on the inspiration, the lyrics and the people behind this song!


The predominant emotion of this song is angst. It’s about suppressed feelings, about repressed emotions, about palpable anxiety and a sense of doom that will not be quashed. All these mixed emotions find an outlet through this powerful number.


Amit’s desire to create this song stemmed from a personal experience in his past that had him feeling helpless. He has attempted to translate that overpowering sense of vulnerability through this song. Musically the song is riff-driven to underscore the angst.


Click here to watch the Short Behind the Music Video.


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Read the lyrics of Bari Bari here:



Beparwaah , Bewajaah , Bezubaan 

Khauf Ghoomey Ghoomey Ghoomey 

Lakh vaari.. lakh vaari


Sarhdein  pareshan ,

Bewajaah , tutey  sapney apney sapney

Har baari, har baari.



Baari baari , baaram baari, baari baar


Baari baari , baaram baari, baari baari..

Badmaashiii !


Na dar bighdhey , na ghar ujdhey ,

Na shamshiron ki ho taiyaari ..

Baari  baari

Na akh roye , koi moye 

Na chain-o-aman  ki zimmeydaari ...

Baari baari oh hoo !



Baari baari , baaram baari, baari baari


Sholon ki shakhon pe kaisey 

Baashindey  ghar  banaayein

Hui dhuaan dhuaan hawaayein ...... 

Bhaaye  na  bhaaye  rey


Gaalon pe masumo ke phiki 

hansi nazar na aaye

Rasta bhool gayi aashaein ....

Aaye na aaye re


Baari baari , Baaram baari,

Junoon Taari


Bari bari Bari bari bari

Bari bari bari bari bari



baari baari , baaram baari, baari baari


baari baari , baaram baari, baari baari..


baari baari , baaram baari, baari baari..



Beparwaah , bewajaah , bezubaan 

khauf Ghoomey Ghoomey Ghoomey 

lakh vaari!





Composer & Producer: Amit Trivedi

Language: Hindi

Lyrics: Shellee

Vocals: Sriram Iyer, Natalie Di Luccio & Amit Trivedi

Harmonium: Akhlak Varsi

Dholak: Prasad Malandkar

Drums: Darshan Doshi

Keys: Amit Trivedi

Keys: Jarvis Menezes

Bass: Rushad Mistry

Guitar: Shon Pinto

Percussion: Sanket Athale

Backing Vocalist: Thomson Andrews

Backing Vocalist: Ryan Dias

Backing Vocalist: Deep Pradhan

Backing Vocalist: Gwen Dias

Backing Vocalist: Shannon Donald

Backing Vocalist: Petula Fernandes


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