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Hitesh had heard Piyush Mishra sing this song 15 years back and it has stuck in his head ever since. Written and composed by Piyush, this song is a letter from Javed who was separated from his lover Husna during the partition. The song touches upon the pain of separation from true love and also from one's country. Inspite of having left everything behind and eventually moving on, there is a looming sense of helplessness and grief in the song. The feeling of longing is elevated when the lyrics reminisce the small joys of life back then, like the celebrations during Lodhi or even the joy of sharing a simple bowl of sevaiyan.


Piyush may not be a professional singer but being the composer of the song, he connects with the song deeply. And this comes through almost magically in his voice as it bellows out the inner chaos and depression. Musically Hitesh has tried to recreate that era through interesting acoustic guitar arrangement blended with Indian percussions. In keeping with the upheaval experienced by the lovers, Hitesh also ends on a tumultuous high.


Hitesh's father also had to relocate during the partition and though he didn’t suffer personally, he feels his father’s pain and thus associates strongly with the feeling. Such strong storytelling through music and Piyush's hypnotic voice are the main reasons why Hitesh chose to feature this track.



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Read the lyrics of Husna here:




Lahore ke uss

Pehle jile ke

Do pargana mein pahunche


Resham gali ki

Dooje kuche ke

Chauthe makaan mein pahunche


Aur kehte hai jisko

Dooja mulk uss

Pakistan mein pahunche


Likhta hun khat mein

Hindustan se

Pehlu e Husna mein pahunche


O Husna


Main to hun baitha

O Husna meri

Yaadon purani mein khoya


Main to hun baitha

O Husna meri

Yaadon purani mein khoya


Pal pal ko ginta

Pal pal ko chunta

Beeti kahani mein khoya

Patte jab jhadte Hindustan mein

Yaadien tumhari ye bolein

Hota ujala, Hindustan mein, batein tumhari ye bolein

O Husnaa meri yeh to batado

Hota hai aisa kya

Uss gulistan mein

Rehti ho nanhee kabutar see gum tum jahaan

O Husna


Patte kya jhadte hain Pakistan mein

Vaise hi jaise jhadte yahaan

O Husna


Hota ujala kya vaisa hi hai

Jaisa hota Hindustan mein haan

O Husna


Woh heeron ke ranjhe

Ke nagmein mujhko

Ab tak aa aake sataien

Woh Bulley Shah ki

Takriro ki, jheene jheene saaye


Woh Id ki iddi

Lambi namazey

Seyvaiyon ki jhaale

Woh Diwali key diye sang mein

Baisakhi ke badal

Holi ki woh lakdi jinmein

Sang sang aanch lagai

Lohdi ka woh dhuan jis mein

Dhadkhan hai sulgai


O Husna meri ye toh batado

Lohdi ka dhuan kya ab bhi nikalta hai

Jaisa nilkalta tha uss daur mein vahaan

O Husna


Dhuan mein gulstan yeh barbaad ho raha hai

Ik rang sya kaala, ejad ho raha hai


Dhuan mein gulstan yeh barbaad ho raha hai

Ik rang sya kaala, ejad ho raha hai


Dhuan mein gulstan yeh barbaad ho raha hai

Ik rang sya kaala, ejad ho raha hai


Ke heeron ke ranjhon ke

Nagmein kya ab bhi

Sune jaate hai haan vahaan

O Husna


Aur rota hai raaton mein

Pakistan kya vaise hi jaise Hindustan


O Husna





Producer: Hitesh Sonik

Language: Hindi

Lyrics: Piyush Mishra

Vocals: Piyush Mishra

Drums: Darshan Doshi

Keys: Jarvis Menezes

Percussion: Anupam Deghatak

Keys: Gaurav Vaswani

Guitar: Kalyan Baruah

Guitar: Sanjay Joseph

Bass: Mohini Dey

Flute: Paras Nath

Backing Vocalist : Thomson Andrews

Backing Vocalist : Ryan Dias

Backing Vocalist : Gwen Dias

Backing  Vocalist : Shannon Donald

Backing Vocalist : Jui Joglekar


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