8 Things To Avoid Like The Plague On Your Tinder Profile
Posted On 28th March, 2017 @ 11:18 am by MTV Editor

Tinder is the internet version of meeting people at a party.

Tinder is the internet version of meeting people at a party. If you can ask a random stranger to let you put “masala in their dosa” with no remorse, you have bypassed evolution. Congratulations. Meanwhile, try not being these people maybe?


1. Leave the food out of your bio

Firstly, no one wants to willingly know a Mr. Sausage. Secondly, plump purple baingans only show your love for bharta sprinkled with entitlement.





2. The autocorrect pandemonium 

Autocorrects can be happy accidents sometimes. But the fifth time your phone changes “hang” to “bang”, you know you’ve crossed over to the dark side. Sorry, mate.





3.  A group photo for a display picture 

Let’s assume that there are X number of people in your picture, in which case the total number of f*cks given would be X*0= 0. Moving on.



giphy (1)



4. A bio that reads “bros before hoes”

It’s good that you have your priorities straight. Thankfully, with this bio, you’ll never even have to choose.





5. A picture of a car 

Perfect if you’re trying to imply that a four-wheeled machine looks better than you ever will. A picture of your human self is good enough, unless you’re this guy:





6. YoUr Bio LOoKs LikE THiS 

This isn’t a hunting ground for Pokémon players in your neighborhood. Now backtrack your way out of the internet and go back to school, it’s 2017.  


giphy (2)



7. Pictures of you vaping 

Put some ice on it before Daenerys finds you and chains you to a basement. (Unless that’s what you’re looking for?)





8. Bathroom selfies

Extra caution thrown to the unflushed business right behind you. Sitting on the throne doesn’t make it better either. Sorry.





But who is taking this picture?

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