Prettify the Tuesday
Posted On 26th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Roshni Raj

So excited to dress up today!


Woke up to the face of one of the most beautiful person who also played one of the smartest roles ever; Mila Kunis.  We cannot seem to get enough of her Dior ads and also an absolute agreement for the profundity existing in a black and white picture. Now we have heart shaped eyes.

In a completely break-the-monotony mood, we set out to throw away the staples and welcome air of opulence, scorn, verve and befitting of appreciative clothing to a Tuesday morning.  Boot wedges seem high up on the charts of style and comfort today and we love the variety of colour and texture it holds.



Studded heels, neon colours and animal prints, these lie in the Indian comfort zone of a Lady Gaga style. Wear them with a mini dress or skirt or with a pair of angle leggings or stockings. Mid-heeled ones can spare you the horror of tripping over the cemented footpaths.



Ch-ch-choker neck! We love the revival of the thematic decadence of the 60’s flower power. The chokers with a plain lining and a stunning flower towards the side are an era of beauty that catches our attention today. Hot sauce of today’s collection we adore those divas who can carry this off. It’s not just the runway that can hold bold fashion now, is it?



Always belting the same kind of high waist ones to charm up those slim waistlines or the low waist studded to show off the boldness within; but anybody in for a little more of this? Extremely thin coloured belts worn more than one at a time for a suitable outfit can be an eye catcher. We love how this style works for slim cut midi-dresses or tops that flare waist down. Gorge upon this style with uber sexy colours and we can’t wait to spot those strips enhancing the size zero waists. 



Image courtesy: Dior, Polyvore, vi.sualizeus, fashion choice,


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