Style it RED!
Posted On 25th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Roshni Raj

Having one of those days when all you want is a gob smacking delicious red velvet swirl brownie?

We’ve been there; usually the laziest day of the week and the most unproductive too. But that doesn’t stop the colour from splashing. We pick red to soothe up the air and spread love!



From red velvet cupcakes to red carpets, we spread this love all over. Starting from the top, paint that perfect pout for us; a bright red dress might be a touch too much for the Indian streets but red lips are always welcome.  Impress your colleagues with the confidence you carry off that smart and gorgeous self.



Tired of those black and blue blazers? Invest in Mango’s new collection of colourful ones. A plain white shirt inside is your soul mate when it comes to colourful outerwear. Slim fit denims or a stunning pair of high waist formal pants is our pick to wear this with.



And how about this one? Not too bright but the skirt still holds the perfect shade of colour we needed. It’s sleek and absolutely qualifies into the chic-dictionary. Wear it with a plain white tank top and accessories and shoes for a movie plan or glam it up with buttoned up bow blouse and heels and unleash the glamorous diva within.  We love how the lace covers up for the day!



We’ve been trying to figure our different ways to sport a bodysuit. Snake print pants or a high waist asymmetrical skirt? We love both. Time we start putting more into those wonderful bodysuits that we spotted our bootylicious JLo and Jessie J flaunting. What also caught our attention was the mid open lace form of this. Alluring and stunning forms of this piece leaves us wanting to see more of it.



And for the feet, we couldn’t stop but lusting over the red printed loafers. My ankle length pants are weeping about how badly they want me to wear them with this. Awww. But yes. They are an absolute beauty and an desirable possession.



 Image courtesy: Polyvore, Mango, Zara, catsuitolympics, tumblr


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