Style it Sharp!
Posted On 20th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Roshni Raj

It's very surprising how the studded part of style is swaying its way back to the 'hep' list


Right from Priyanka Chopra’s studded camouflaged shirt, tied up to show the belly button stud, at her promotional event of Barfi to exquisite launches for the NEED for studs in your wardrobe on every fashion blog.

We’re not complaining at all. Infact, we actually like what this fresh fashion holds. With brilliant minds breaking the infinite ennui of daily wear, we say – ‘stud it up’ because it’s not really easy to find stylish beaded pieces of wearable clothing, we realize how this falls in the DIY section. From worn out denim jackets we fancy the idea of cut out sleeves and make that a vest. Highlight those shoulders with metallic studs. Pretty cool right?



Shoes we wouldn’t really advice you to DIY, unless you have those really artsy-craftsy hands. Or just save up treat yourself to Steve Maddens range of studded pumps. They totally left us marvelling at their hazardousness.



For those who don’t really see the point in splurging on shoes right now, make that hand wave a noticeable one. Bold cuffs, stud and stroke metallic, gold and silver ones are to die for. We stumbled upon this choker cuff from a high street brand but you’ll definitely find something alike at Causeway too. Look around!



Studded shorts are a brilliant idea as well. Not only are they cute, but the adding on them makes them fancier too. If you manage to pull on the perfect ones which are not too shady, you can also wear them clubbing! Just make sure you don’t wear a studded blouse AND studded shoes with it. Trust me; you don’t want to look like a ripped off Kesha from tik tok. It’s only through the camera that so much glitter and shine can look stunning. 



Image Courtesy: stevemadden, zara, whitneyblogspot,