10 Things Only Girls With An Older Brother Can Relate To
Posted On 8th August, 2014 @ 10:03 am by MTV Editor

So you thought having an older brother was all about adorable fisticuffs? Well it sort of is, just minus the adorable bit.

At the best of times, they are whiny, possessive and bossy overbearing. And at the worst, they are just plain overbearing. And though you won’t be caught dead admitting it, you love their overbearing-ness with every ounce of your being. While we go check on the status of the long overdue Nobel Prize that we, younger sisters, deserve for putting up with them, here is a list of ten things that only girls who have an older brother at home can relate to:


Your dating life is thoroughly, and unnecessarily, vetted by your brother

They won’t ever budge an inch when it’s their turn to help with the dishes, but mention a new date and they suddenly spring into CID mode and investigate your date, right back to the past three generations of his family tree. 




Your wardrobe choices are thoroughly, and unnecessarily, vetted by your brother

News Flash: The whole reason aforementioned fisticuffs start are because brothers believe they can dictate our choice of clothes. It’s almost cute, the way they’ve deluded themselves into believing that they actually have a say in what we wear and that we’ll actually meekly obey their instructions.




They are, however, a dab hand when it comes to covering up your many, many misdeeds

Much as it pains us to admit, those grey cells do spring into overdrive when it comes to spinning a plausible excuse in front of your parents. Don’t ever let it be known that we admitted it aloud though.




If you’re ever in trouble, you know exactly who to call

Regardless of the fact that it’s gone 3 A.M. in the morning. You could be stranded on Jupiter and they’d still manage to break into NASA and hijack a space shuttle to come bail you out.




Having an older brother also means that you have a direct hotline to his friends

While all your other friends are busy chasing the seniors, all you gotta do is plant yourself on the sofa during their boys’ night-ins and cheer convincingly every time Sachin knocks back a six.




Not to mention, his girlfriends are always nice to you

Knowing that a single word from you would go a long way in escalating their relationship with your bro. And vice versa, should the mood strike you.




You’ve got all the monopoly on great dating advice

Straight from the source. What better way to understand guys than to get into the mind of one?




On the whole, it’s safe to say that you get along with guys better than all your friends

Having lived with one all your life, you’ve gotten accustomed to their many strange moods which range from grumpy, grouchy, reflective to some more grumpy.




You’ve also grown immune to dirty jokes

Fart jokes don’t even faze you anymore. A lifetime of listening to your brother crack the most inappropriate jokes at the most inappropriate moments has got you convinced that the makers of Hangover need lessons from you on some real stinkers. 




One mention of your brother’s name means that you magically get permission from your parents to stay out late.

It’s almost like they believe that all the axe murderers that would get to you if you were out alone will magically disappear if you’re with your brother. Not that you want to push it though.




Love your brother? Make sure you share this with him and make him feel special this Rakshabandhan. 


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