11 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Have A Gujarati Friend
Posted On 30th April, 2014 @ 13:04 pm by MTV Editor

If you're an Indian, an American or live anywhere on this planet, our guess is that you have a Gujarati friend.

Here are 11 Reasons Why Gujju Friends Are So Awesome:


1. You will never go hungry

Your Gujju friend will always have some stock of food – possibly a variation of dhokla, gathiya and fafda stashed away. If for some reason, they forget their tiffin your friend will know the shortest route to the next available food joint along with what the chef recommends.





2. There’s new meaning to the English language 

Thanks to your new best friend, you can get away with words like Rap [pronounced R@pe], Snacks [pronounced Snakes – with an emphasis on the ‘e’] and Office [pronounced as HO-ffice]. You may end up getting a second look but no one will ever question your motives or beat you up! Plus, when you abuse someone it usually ends up being funny if you use words like ‘gand`oo’ [mad], ‘daff`or’ as in dumb or ‘gadhedo’ [donkey].



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3. Always Connected – EVERYWHERE!

Pick a country and your Gujju friend will have a second or third cousin [a Patel, Mehta or Shah] from their second uncles’ – sons’ side living there. What’s more? He/she will have their numbers saved all ready to help should you feel the urge to eat ice cream from Uzbekistan. 





4. Yeh Dil Maange More! 

Thanks to your ‘Gujju’ friend you will always get more than you ask for. So what if you shamelessly ask for an extra pani puri with ragda after you’ve just hogged down three plates. There is always room for one more. Plus you always end up ordering 1/2 (1 by 2) of everything because you get more quantity in two halves than one complete portion. 





5. Value for money

You think you know how qualified your friend is. You don’t! Every Gujju friend has attended a secret school where they’ve acquired a PhD in ‘the art of bargaining’. Thanks to them, you will always get value for money and know the best and most cost effective places to buy anything. So the next time you want to shop, take your friend along!






6. Dance lessons 24X7 

Remember that your Gujju friend can break into a gig anytime of the day. So what if you have two left feet and are chilling in a night club. You will end up getting a dance lesson on how to customize the garba to any occasion. 





7. Linguistic Expert! 

Thanks to your Gujju friend, you can now speak over 100 languages. How? By simply adding Gujarati words to any and every language there is. Simple che! 


giphy (1)



8. The Unbelievable business acumen 

Entrepreneurs by nature, your Gujju buddy will always have some sound advice to help your dream come along.





9. Stay young! 

You see, all your Gujju friends are called ‘____ no babo’ / ‘_______ ni baby’ irrespective of their age. Stay with them long enough and this effect will surely rub off on you as well! In short, you will never grow up!





10. You’ll live longer! 

We’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine & thanks to your friend you will always get your daily dose on time! Plus, thanks to him/her you will find the G-U-J-J-U song in Kal Ho Na Ho super cool and watch endless re-runs of Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma much to your delight!   





11. Learn something new! 

If you want to learn something new, ask your Gujju friend. Every single one is an expert on the history and art of ‘kite flying’. Also, thanks to their dressing sense, you will see a plethora of colours and fluorescent floral patterns – the likes of which you have never seen before! 






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