5 Most Inspiring Indian Women
Posted On 8th March, 2013 @ 15:06 pm by mtv editor

Behind ever successful man there is a woman; so, what about successful women? May be, behind every successful woman there is her grit, determination and unrelenting will to achieve perfection.

Do get inspired, ladies and gentlemen, with this list of the Most Influential Indian Women:

Vidya Balan:

When you consider Bollywood’s fixed USP for all actresses and then compare it to what Indian womanhood stands for; you will realize how far off track they are. In the meantime, some women were praying that a superwoman would land on the scene to bring a change. Most certainly, she came; she was none other than Vidya Balan. Her choices of films from day one have shunned the malignancy that has swallowed most Bollywood actresses.

Krithiga Reddy:

A year back Facebook decided to set up shop in India; they needed someone who was charming and competitive, which by no means is an easy find. They did stumble upon an individual who perfectly fit the bill, Krithiga Reddy. At the age of forty, she still commands the youthfulness that made and runs the popular social networking site. We congratulate and wish her the very best in her work as the head of online operations at Facebook.

Ekta Kapoor:

If Shahrukh Khan is considered the King of Bollywood, we can consider Ekta Kapoor the Queen of Indian television. She has had the ability to initiate wars in Indian households, between family members, for getting hold of the television remote. We must have hated her for that; but, after augmenting her finances, she has started pushing young directors to share their ideas, which has given us an opportunity to watch some brilliant, path breaking cinema.

Kiran Rao:

A film fanatic for awhile; an independent filmmaker until she met Aamir Khan; and, now she is a working mother. It may have all fallen into place after she met her husband, but to inspire a man known for being a perfectionist; it all boils down the fact that Kiran Rao is perfect. Besides, to make a name for herself in a male dominated system, just goes to show that she has a good head on her shoulders.
Chanda Kocchar:

Finally, we have a story that would make you recalculate your agenda for success. Back in 1984, Chanda Kocchar joint ICICI bank as a management trainee, and through the years she kept climbing the rungs till she became the CEO of one of the biggest and most profitable private banks; Recently, she ranked 20th on Forbes list of Most Powerful Women in the World, 2009, and ranked 25th in the Fortune's List of Most Powerful Women in Business, 2008.


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