5 Things Couples Should NOT Do On Valentine’s Day!
Posted On 14th February, 2014 @ 10:59 am by MTV Editor

An open letter to all the mushy couples currently cozying up on the same chair to read this on their matching smartphones with the His & Hers covers.

While the 14th of February might be a legitimate day for couples to get their cheesy side on, but there are always those couples who believe in sharing the experience with every last person on their Facebook friend list, single or otherwise. Having always prided this blog as a medium of spreading awareness among the youth, here’s a look at the five things that your single friends do not want you to do this Valentine’s Day:


#1. Overdoing the online PDA

Yes, we know it’s the 14th of February. The calendar says so, the movie channels say so and all the hotels with their discriminatory offers directed only at couples say so. So please do us all a favor and quit spamming our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds with the extremely detailed posts. Yes, he loves you and he will continue to love you even if you lay off the cheese a bit. 







#2. Or any other form of PDA at all.

Especially not in front of an entire gaggle of single friends. You know what would make Valentine’s Day even more romantic? If you took all the smooching & cuddling to some place secluded, well away from human civilization; say in a private hotel suite. Preferably on Mars.






#3. The incessant match-making

Although well-intentioned, most single people would rather their committed friends just skipped the pity party. Trust us, spending the night watching romcoms isn’t half bad when the other option is being set up with people who are so desperate not to be single on Valentine’s Day that they end up making a date with Aunty Acid seem pleasant in comparison.






#4. The rapid fire third degree

When all attempts at #3 go bust. Yes, I am single and no, I don’t mind being single. Yes, I can still enjoy Valentine’s day in spite of being single and no, you needn’t feel guilty that you’ve found true love and your friends haven’t. Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere now?!







#5. Pestering everyone for gift ideas.

Help you in picking out the perfect gift and then in deciding just the right romantic setting for you to present it in? Fun fact: The joy of helping a friend wanes out quickly once our home pages get spammed with aforementioned posts.






Yours truly,

Grumpy Cat.



(Image courtesy: whenyouworkatamuseum.tumblr, giphy.com, thickchicklosingit.tumblr, weheartit.com)


What part of Valentine’s Day gets on your nerves? Let us know in the comments below!

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