9 Things Indian Parents Should Get Over Already
Posted On 25th April, 2014 @ 15:01 pm by MTV Editor

You cannot choose your parents. Neither can you change them. If you could, you would probably pick some of the things from this list.

1. The Stunted Growth Pattern

To parents, kids just don’t seem to grow up. You might be married and have kids of your own, but to them you are still too young to take crucial life decisions without consulting them first. Like whether you can stay out after 9 PM.





2. Friend Request On Facebook

I love you and I know you both love me too but please, for god’s sake, I cannot accept your friend request on Facebook! It’s creepy. And plus I know you’ll stalk me. It’s in your DNA. 





3. ‘Hamara Time’ Syndrome

I’m changing faster than you can say ‘Beta’! Nothing about the present day matches with how well they spent their childhood, respected their elders and survived without cell phones and internet. 





4. Drinking Tea/Coffee = Dark Complexion

No, that does not happen. That theory exists only in your thoughts and nowhere else! If that theory was true, we’d all be varying shades of brown.





5. The Need to Reiterate the Importance Of Money

All Indian parents have copyright of the line ‘Paise ped pe nahi ugte!’ By the time kids are nine or ten years old, this fact is etched in their memory forever. But most of us have stared at a money plant in our childhood and prayed ‘Ug ja, please, ek bar ug ja!’ 





6. Certain Things Will Be Clear Only When You Grow Up Or Become Parents

How many times have you heard ‘Tum jab bade hoge tab samajh mein aayega’ when you were young? Lost count right? Indian parents are sure of the fact that their kids are incapable of understanding simple facts until they are ‘grown ups’, which according to point number one, never happen. And we dare you to challenge their decision - the answer will always be ‘Jab tumhare bachche honge, tab samajh mein aayega!’





7. You’re not fat, you’re healthy!

If you stay away from your parents, you simply have to accept the fact that every time you go home, your parents will be absolutely worried about the fact that you have lost weight! However, according to your calculation, you have been gaining a lot off late and you would do anything to lose a few pounds.





8. Weird Ringtones

For some unknown reason, Indian parents love to keep bhajans/old Hindi songs as their ringtones.  Also, their favourite god amongst the plethora of options India offers finds a place on their phone's wallpaper.





9. Hitting Or Pinching In Public!

They just don’t care who is around. Every Indian parent is absolutely capable of slapping you or pinching in public. Age does not matter and neither does the place! If you’ve seen Russell Peters, you know what ‘Somebody gonna get hurt real bad’ means.





Tell us about things you want your parents to let go of. Better still, please share this on their FB page and change the world! 

Image courtesy: dailypop.in, giphy, deewangi i tumblr

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