ACP has left the building!
Posted On 5th November, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Hasina Khatib

After 10 years of bringing hardened criminals to their knees, word has reached us that Shivaji Satam, better known as the indomitable ACP Pradyuman, has decided to call it quits. And his presence shall be sorely missed in the fast paced world of investiga




This is in fond memory of the finest ACP to have graced the Crime Investigation Bureau. An exceptional detective who cracked the most baffling of cases by merely flexing his left hand. Even the deadliest of explosions and bomb blasts couldn’t hurt a hair on his head, you know, figuratively speaking. In fact, we doubt Daya would have been able to smash down all those doors if it weren’t for ACP Pradyuman’s crisp and reassuring command, “Daya, darwaza tod do.”

Ever wondered what makes ACP Pradyuman success rate better than that of Sherlock Holmes? Some might say, “Logic and common sense. D’uh,” but we know there’s more to the guy. And after much debate, we zeroed in on the factors behind ACP Pradyuman’s success:

·         His amazing sleuthing skills.





·         The way he makes every member of the team feel valued.





·         His impressive track record.





·         His scientific prowess.





·         His hidden witty side.





·         And finally, his knack for asking all the right questions!



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