Brangelina bound in holy matrimony?
Posted On 3rd January, 2013 @ 12:49 pm by mtv editor

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally tied the knot! Well, that’s the news we’ve been hearing from all quarters.

According to The Telegraph, the two secretly tied the knot in The Sanctuary.

Are they married? Well, we have our doubts. The couple that have been together for a while, adopted orphans and settled together in a huge mansion in Malibu that has been flashed often across television channels; so, the couple are as good as married but not officially. Not too long ago, the internet and papers were flooded with news of their marriage that began with news of Brad Pitt spending £250,000 on a watch specially designed for Angelina. We were all convinced about the possibilities of a courtship.

However, even after all that jazz it seems that the story still continues. There were whispers across the press that this one could happen anytime; I am sure that many photographers, through the last few months have been going to bed with their cameras, knowing that they could get a lead to the secret venue at anytime.  But, if the news that we’ve just got is true, then it is probably going to be a missed opportunity for all of them.

According to The Telegraph, the two secretly tied the knot in The Sanctuary. In case, you are wondering what is “The Sanctuary”, rest assured it is not any animal reserve; and no, Brad Pitt wasn’t dressed like Tarzan and neither did Jolie play his Jane Porter. “The Sanctuary” is a sprawling mansion owned by designer Donna Karan in the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos. Basically, they dodged the media.

Nonetheless, what still bothers me is how the hell did The Telegraph, London get such dodgy news. Indeed, they had reason to believe that all their six children were present with two nannies assigned to each child. So, I’m guessing the news has been leaked by one of the twelve nannies. Still, I am not falling for this news yet, because the couple has been quite open about their relationship to the media; why we shouldn’t get the happy news from the couple themselves, beats me!


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