Everything You Need To Know About Teen Patti
Posted On 12th November, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra


Too many years have gone by just watching the adults play their card games at Diwali get-togethers, while we "the kids" have been waved off, but MTV is here to give you tips on how to be part of the "A-rated" games this festive season.


Here is the thing; recession or no recession, no one is stealing this tradition from us. Teen Patti is very popular during this festive season. If you are completely unaware about it, please do not say anything until you get your cards. If you are asked to shuffle or deal, try your best to escape the situation; maybe, you can excuse yourself from dealing, if you’ve never done it before, by saying something silly like you’re feeling very lucky and you don’t want to spread your luck.


Don’t get shocked when you get only 3 cards. The name Teenpatti, simply translates into 3 cards. Now, let’s define the terms often used to describe one’s situation:


Trail: This means when you have three of a kind; either three ACES, three KINGS, three QUEENS and lastly three similar numbers. You are quite sorted if your cards follow either pattern; you have more of an edge with the Ace, King or Queen pattern.


Flush: Here it means you’ve got an advantage over the others; so, keep challenging till the game is left to you and the last contender. A flush means that you have three cards with the same suit (hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs) the colour doesn’t matter, but you are ready to challenge if you have an Ace, King or a Queen to go with it. When the colours match it is called a colour flush.


Pair: When you have two cards of the same rank. The one with the higher value, between the two pairs determines the winner. A higher pair would be two Aces and a King, the others follow.


If your pattern does not follow any of the above patterns you still continue the challenge if you have one card that is of a higher rank, even if all three or even two of them are not in sequence.


By now we’ve established that a pattern or a fancy card gives you an advantage over the other players. If you are confident of your cards continue challenging the others because a show cannot happen until all but two players have left the challenge. On the other hand, if you think you cannot carry on because you have a horrible combination e.g. 5 of Spades, 3 of Clubs and 2 of Diamonds, you are welcome to surrender your cards. However, if you act confident and wait till the others surrender their cards; you may be surprised to know that your challenger might be concealing a pattern that is worse than yours. 



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