India's no doodle!
Posted On 12th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by

Usually, the tech innovators never target the Indian audience. Apple never launches its products here until they are bored of selling it abroad, only Samsung is one of the nicer brands that picked on the latter's fault and launched the Samsung Galaxy




Google has taken the cue, and after launching their free SMS service in North America and other countries, they have given us the privilege to enjoy it too. So, now you can send free SMSs to anyone without being charged, because Google does not charge for their SMS service. All you have to do is download the Google App on your phone and using Google Chat or through your Gmail account you can send free SMSs; the service was introduced in India on the 10th of October.



The process is simple, but limited; every user gets a limit of 50 SMSs, like you store your friend’s ids to chat with them, in the same way you store their numbers in the contact list. Just like the ones who use post-paid connections, you have to abide by a credit system; to ensure you have a considerable balance in your account, you must reply to the SMSs you receive. Every time you reply, your credit increases by 5.



So, what are the advantages for Google? By getting you to SMS using their interface they have wrapped the world in their banner. Now, to check your mail, to video chat, to find your way around using maps, to search information etc, you will make Google your ‘happy’ service provider.



Congratulations Google! Now, the world’s communication is in your hands.  



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