Last 10 km for the 101-year-old!
Posted On 25th January, 2013 @ 14:50 pm by Sanat Mehra

You’ve heard of 101 Dalmatians; you’ve heard of the 101 ways to make your lover love you; you have also heard about 101 movies to watch before you die, but most probably you missed the news of a 101-year-old man who runs marathons.

Yes, Fauja Singh is the Tom Cruise in his own Mission Impossible life story and even today he doesn’t want to give up, but he must for health reasons. His never stop attitude has won him the nickname ‘Turbaned Torpedo’.
At the age of 100, he became the world’s oldest man to run a marathon after he successfully completed the Toronto Waterfront event. Unfortunately, the Guinness World Records organisation does not recognize his feat because he was not able to provide them with his birth certificate. Nonetheless, there is a letter that the Queen sends to all citizens of England if they cross the age of 100, after shifting from Punjab in the 80’s he shifted to England, and the Queen did write to him.

Now, let me tell you Mr. Fauja Singh’s secret of making it possible at this age. No; not Complan, not Bournvita and certainly not steroids. He makes it all possible because of his aim of running the marathons to raise money for charity. In 2012, he was able to raise $25,800 for charity when he ran the 10 km Hong Kong Marathon. To endorse his awesomeness further you should know that he has featured in an advertising campaign for Adidas opposite David Beckham and Muhammad Ali.

In case, you participated in the recent Mumbai marathon and were overtaken by a turbaned torpedo, then you have come across the legend who says “I run while talking to God.” Speaking to the South China Morning Post, here is what he communicated through his interpreter: “It’s getting tougher for me. But I loved racing in Hong Kong last year.” This year too, he will run the 10 km Hong Kong Marathon, but that will be the last time.


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