Playboy finds its way to India
Posted On 20th December, 2012 @ 14:41 pm by Sanat Mehra

Indians can now boast about another fun, luxury brand that was shipped in November, and has now anchored itself in the coastal city of Goa, 'Bunny ears and more…'!

This format will be replicated in 122 locations, which includes 65 cafes, 49 bars and 8 night clubs in next ten years!

What could we possibly be talking about? Take another hint: this brand has been in the adult entertainment business for almost 60 years. Yes, if you thought about Playboy; no, if you were thinking about anything else.

As you must already be aware, this format will be replicated in 122 locations, which includes 65 cafes, 49 bars and 8 night clubs in next ten years. In the next ten years, the Playboy brand will be embossed in the cities of Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangaluru, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Pune.

"Keeping in mind the fast evolving Indian luxury market, we plan to launch Playboy as an aspirational brand aimed mainly at Generation Y with its cafes, clubs, bars, hotels and merchandises. We have ensured that the Indian bunny costumes have been designed keeping in mind local sensibilities," PB Lifestyle CEO Sanjay Gupta told reporters here.

Notice how, Mr. Gupta has stressed on the fact that his company has put a lot of effort in insuring that the original bunny costumes are re-designed “keeping in mind local sensibilities”. It is a dilemma among all entrepreneurs. However, more than their need to keep the protesters and orthodox at bay; it would be more entertaining to see how the gentlemen of India react to this new obsession.

Well, in a country where men have still not learnt how to hold down their carnal urges; in a country where gang rapes are as rampant as malaria; I am proudest person to see the change that citizens are trying to bring through protests and marches; but isn’t it ironic that “adult entertainment” and the voice of dissent from the women, should distort each other’s motives. Unfortunately the timing has been rather terrible, on the day the people of Delhi took to the streets in protest, Playboy finds home in India.


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