Presenting the iPad mini?
Posted On 11th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

There was a time, I am sure, when one would have conversations, with their colleagues, like this:


Dude 1: When are you buying the new battery operated Calculator?



Dude 2: It is too expensive. Calculators aren’t my cup of tea. I trust my intelligence.


Back then calculators were sold at around 350 American dollars. Today, the questions have changed but the answers have remained the same. Here’s how we are looking at it:


Everyone is anticipating the launch of the new iPad mini, as we know Apple is a real craze among a few million people, even before the product has been shown to the media; the internet is boiling with rumours of how it looks, what are its features, its battery life, and whether it has 4G capabilities. Guess what? Apple has not even officially come to the forefront and admitted that they are even coming out with something called the “iPad mini”.


In the Garden of Eden, an argument has already found a perfect surface to bounce; some say that the iPod mini has 4G capabilities, similar to the iPhone 5, but some disagree and believe that the mini will use Wi-fi only. The Guardian admits that they were informed by industry sources that the mini will not have 3G or the new faster 4G network. Nevertheless, think about it, if Apple keeps this one 4G free, the cost goes down and then misers like a few of us can get to enjoy Apple technology.


Sonny Dickson is the man in the limelight, for sustaining these rumours; he has been uploading pictures of the iPad mini on Twitter and Instgram. These series of pictures have been studied carefully, to give you the following predictions:


Name: iPad mini/ iPad Nano/ iPad Air


Weight: 400g

Thickness: 7.2 mm


Operating System: iOS6


Chip and Memory: A5 dual core chip, 16 GB and 32 GB


Also, there are two speakers at the bottom, at the centre of which lies the dock connector. 



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