Sunny Leone’s Twitter Faux Pas: Did she or didn't she?
Posted On 6th February, 2013 @ 12:46 pm by Hasina Khatib

Unlike her counterparts Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra who are all over Twitter like a rash, Sunny Leone has always had a squeaky clean Twitter account. Which is why, the tweeting world was aghast when Sunny botched up her spotless track record by getting ensnared in a Twitter controversy with KRK for company!

Last Sunday evening the Jism 2 actor reportedly tweeted, “Rape is not a crime, it is surprise sex,”

Shahid Kapoor, the reigning King of Twitter mishaps, has now gladly handed over his throne to Sunny Leone who caught the wrath of tweeple last Sunday with her distasteful tweet on rape. Last Sunday evening the Jism 2 actor reportedly tweeted, “Rape is not a crime, it is surprise sex,” a tweet that failed to leave anyone amused, given light to recent events in Delhi. It seems that in the few minutes that it took for her to hit the delete button, the retweets and the feedback had already kicked up a storm, leaving Sunny to find solace in the ‘offense is the best form of defense’ route instead. “Whoever has said this rape comment is an idiot. I never said this. Grow up!!!” the actor tweeted.

And while she was at it, Sunny decided to do a spot of free publicity for Apple as well. And that is the best explanation we can up with for her next tweet, “My iPad finally has Internet access so I can block mean people when I see them.” And when that one left the tweeple nonplussed, she took to threatening people to stop retweeting her. “I’m blocking all people who retweeted this comment. So either erase it or you are blocked.” “Well everyone on my page who thinks that’s a joke they are getting blocked!!!” she added.

Well, we are still undecided on whether she is taking PR advice from Rakhi Sawant or not, but the Indo – Canandian actor changed tacks yet again by passing the buck onto the nearest out of work actor she could find, otherwise popularly known as KRK. “Said when you wake up in the morning and reporters are writing a lie that was aid on my behalf by a well known liar KRK,” tweeted Leone and even added the hashtag #shameonyou, perhaps hoping it would add credibility to her statement.

A statement that left KRK foaming at the mouth, albeit not at the fact that he had been made the scapegoat. Rather, the actor – director harbors a previous grudge against the actress, who apparently gravely displeased him by turning down the stellar offer for his Deshdrohi sequel. “Dear @sunnyleonefirst you unblock me and then tell me what m lying? I have read your statement in a newspaper I said that on twitter. I offered you my film #Deshdrohi n you said that u don’t have dates till 2014. I have your mails so how I m lying madam?” questioned a disgruntled KRK.

The question of the whodunnit is spinning in ever wider circles and as of today morning, reports have it that Sunny Leone has decided to press charges against KRK and has gone as far as to claim that her account was hacked for five minutes. The question of whether or not she tweeted the ludicrous comment remains unanswered but the outrage remains!



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