Taking Charge of the Market!
Posted On 28th August, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

People, War has broken out in the world of technology.



Apple seems to be at the top of the game. Lapping up the demand of Android products, Apple has acquired a good share of the pie, which is a positive step forward in directing the Markets attention towards the iPhone 5 that is expected shortly. Though, we shall consider their strategy; one thing is certain, patience pays, they had been waiting for the right time until situations ripened in their favour.


Analysts say that by winning the case against Samsung; Apple has strengthened its position, well in advance, for launching the iPhone 5; and, having tied the noose, masterfully, around Samsung’s neck; they have successfully hinted to all other manufacturers, using Google Inc’s Android operating system, to consider design changes.


Samsung had blatantly replicated critical features of the iPhone and iPad, forcing them to pay damages that summed up to 1.05 billion dollars and a ban of over 28 Samsung devices. Most of these devices are out-of-sale, but eight of them such as: Galaxy S II 4G, Galaxy S II (AT&T variant), Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S II (T-Mobile Variant), Galaxy S II Epic 4G (Sprint Variant), Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge, Galaxy Prevail; however old, are likely to disappear.

As per the lawsuit, none of the new products were covered, but once Apple decides to push further the results wouldn’t be hard to imagine. If Apple gets its way; other manufacturers would need some time to refurbish their products, thereafter introducing those new products into the market would certainly need more of luck than lather, because by then people would have already settled down for the iPhone 5.

In the meantime, Wall Street is bubbling with deceit and triumph as the Apple’s shares have been elevated. 


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