The 5 Party Commandments!
Posted On 31st December, 2012 @ 12:49 pm by Hasina Khatib

The tickets to the posh party may have arrived and the wallets may be stocked, but did you know that the world of New Year parties is governed by a strict set of do’s and don’ts?

So this one time, let’s just make Instagram wait for two days for a blow-by-blow description of your awesome night out.

Here’s a small reminder to help you glide over the potholes and send off the year in style:

If all the movies and sitcoms are to be believed, it doesn’t take much for a New Year’s party to bomb. There are a million ways for your carefully planned night to go down the drain and for you to ring in the New Year hiding under a table with some leftover Old Monk for company. Which is why, we drew up five commandments that must be followed to the letter:

Thou Shalt Not Touch Facebook Or Twitter. Not with a bargepole. Not until the last remnants of the hangover fade away two mornings later. Leave the routine ‘Happy New Year’ posts to the lesser mortals. We anyway spend too much of our time on these sites to be considered normal. So this one time, let’s just make Instagram wait for two days for a blow-by-blow description of your awesome night out.

Thou Shalt Find Thy Own Partner To Kiss At Midnight. The girl your best friend came with is off-limits. The three spare dates he brought along are off-limits too. So is his sexy sister. In fact, let’s just put a blanket generalization on this: All cousins, hot or otherwise, are out of bounds. Section 39 (a) of the Bro Code specifically states that you either bring a date of your own or you rustle up your Charlie Sheen skills and woo one over.

Thou Shalt Not Drink & Dial. No matter how much your alcohol fuzzed brain implores you to ring in the New Year with a quick call to your ex. Common courtesy dictates that you greet the New Year with a smile instead of clinging onto last year’s ghosts. In case, the temptation gets too strong, most experts recommend that you get the nearest bouncer to punch you in the nose. That will put you off dialling for the next couple of hours, or at least until you get sober. But switching off your phone, works just as fine too.

Thou Shalt Not Drink & Drive Either. “Since we’re both drunk as hell, let’s go for a short spin in your car” – Said no woman, ever. As a true party animal, it is your duty to ensure that your date reaches home safe, and that your friends don’t get behind the wheel drunk either. Book a reliable taxi service before obliging the open bar with your full and undivided attention.

Thou Shalt Not Make Any Rash New Year Resolutions. Doesn’t matter if you planned on hitting the gym, anyway. A New Year’s party is not the place to announce to the world that you’re going to sprout a six pack before 2013 ends. Why not? Because A. You will regret it. B. You will curse yourself two weeks later. And C. You will seriously regret it.
Follow the above commandments in their letter and spirit, and the Partying Gods shall smile upon you.  Feel free to share all the wild stories with us in 2013!

Stay Safe. Stay Raw.


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