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Posted On 7th November, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Hasina Khatib

2012 definitely belongs to a short Korean popstar with a thing for horses. Before you go about watching a rerun of Charlie Bit My Finger, have a look at our list of videos which took the YouTube world by storm:




Viral. Such a deceptive five letter word. Yet, the connotations it holds for different people.  Ask Deepika Padukone the meaning of the word ‘viral’ and she will hand you the link to Cocktail’s trailer with a flourish. Then of course, we have Poonam Pandey who believes that every picture she puts up is viral material. (After all, she is the ‘the most searched for twitter in INDIA.’ Quote unquote). Ask Psy what’s viral and he will… Well, he’ll just pass out laughing. As will everyone in earshot.



Last year, we oohed and aahed over the flash mob at CST, whereas this year, Gangnam Style parodies became the order of the day. Have a look at our list of 2012’s most viral videos which kept us entertained during those extra long days at work:


Felix Baumgartner


Skydive across the English Channel: Check. Jump off the tallest building in the world? Done that already, like 5 years ago. Ah, wait I haven’t jumped off a spacecraft cruising 39 kilometres above the ground yet. Excellent. Hello, Red Bull? I’m on my way over. We’re gonna bust a couple of records.

That may have easily been how Felix Baumgartner, (An ace skydiver who is best remembered for his iconic parachute jump in 1999) decided to embark on the most ambitious skydive known to mankind. On 14th October, as we all watched with our jaws drooping on the floor, Felix opened the door of his spacecraft and plunged towards Earth which lay at a mind numbing distance of 128,100 feet below.  And while Felix broke the record for parachute jump from the highest altitude, Red Bull broke a few records of its own by garnering a whopping 29,465,390 views!


Gangnam Style


A wise old sage once said, these are changing times. And if you wish to survive, you have to get off the high horse and onto the invisible one and do the Gangnam Style. Either that, or risk being trampled over by 664,449,211 of Psy’s devoted fans. From flash mobs to parodies, in the space of four months, Gangnam Style has all but taken over our lives. Ah, just when we got a grip on the lyrics of Kolaveri Di, along came Gangnam Style with its ‘Ko pi han ja ne yo yu rul a neun pum gyo gi nun yo ja’. Which is all well and good, long as you make sure to beat a hasty retreat the next time they get those karaoke contests going!


Call Me Maybe


Much as it pains us to include this video in our list, Carla Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe and its 324,689,293 views are likely to make it every Top 5 Viral Videos list this year.  On the bright side, if it weren’t for Carla’s extra cheesy video, we probably wouldn’t have those epic parodies either. From Justin Bieber to Katy Perry to Cookie Monster (cue: Hey, me just met you, and this is crazy, but you got cookie so share it maybe), the parodies this video has spawned has totally revolutionized the world of pick-up lines!


Gana Wala Song


This is probably where we burst into a long winded litany about how Karan Johar had it coming by unleashing songs like Ishq Wala Love. Or we could just ask you to get a load of this:


Shahrukh wala, Foreign wala, Budget wala song,


Dream sequence ke bahane tujhko Switzerland ghumaya,


Paise wala Rich,


Chupke se public place mein, dhoka deke chance mara,


Despo wala chep,


Shahrukh ka template leke, same hi pose karwaya,


Jinke daddy hai director, who pehenge same colour,


Star wale Kids…..


They gave us a bakwas wala crap song and we gave them a funny wala hilarious parody! It’s a well earned 1,289,758 views. Respect.




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