What has changed in India since 26/01/2012
Posted On 25th January, 2013 @ 17:16 pm by mtv editor

A lot changes in a year; for example, your friends become fatter, you finish graduating or you turn a year older. Let’s see what has changed in our country since the last Republic Day.

Justice Verma Commission:

The Justice Verma Committee was formed to try and bring relief and safety measures against crimes committed against women. Recently, the committee ruled against the recommending the death penalty even in the rarest of the rare rape cases, and also did not agree to lower the age of a juvenile from 18 to 16. However, they agreed upon increasing the jail sentence from seven to ten years and incase of a life sentence the convict should complete his entire natural life behind bars. Besides, they are unanimous on having a separate committee to deal with cases of discrimination of women and children.

Women’s Rights Awareness:

Finally, people are becoming aware of the importance of women in our society. May be, as a country we have been moving in and out crisis, but now the anger of it all seems to have found a direction. So, let us hope that the anger does not cool down too soon and change becomes evident.



The Right to Information Act, formed to request information from the government, has become weapon against discrimination and corruption. Last year, people begun to find a solution to their grievances thanks to some activists who took it upon them to spread the message and empower the less educated about this weapon in our democracy.

Jan Lokpal:
After a lot of protests by Anna Hazare and members of the India Against Corruption, people begun to realize where the country stands as far as corruption goes. The fight against corruption is not an easy one, but the fight has certainly begun. On 27 August 2011, in a parliament session a resolution was passed, which in principle agreed to a few essentials; thus, marking the victory of a “half won” battle.
Mars Mission:

We are known to produce some of the best scientists, but many of them go abroad causing a brain drain in our country. Nevertheless, an idea that sprung up last year will finally be executed by Nov 27, 2013. Yes, I am referring to Mission Mars - our next destination, as Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K Radhakrishnan confirms: “We are scheduling to launch the Mars mission when the red planet will be closer to the earth for injecting our spacecraft into its elliptical orbit.”


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