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We can build up an argument for social media education in schools from a recent news article about a cyber crime case in which the victim was tricked into giving the culprit 3 lakhs and 50 tolas of gold; what's interesting is that it all happened on



Now, we’ve been keeping an eye on many of your comments on the MTV Facebook page and we’ve seen so many guys trying to interact with the ladies; while none of you have been successful, Rajapathi was, but the consequences weren’t very cool. 



Rajapathi is 31 years of age and as the police describe him, he is only 3.5 feet tall. Since, he did not want to reveal his identity on Facebook, he uploaded a photo of himself that was well obscured, making him look younger. Through the social networking website, he made friends with a girl (name withheld) and in no time proposed marriage to her. The girl fell for his good looks and was lured into thinking that soon she would be betrothed to Rajapathi, but after all she was dangerously vulnerable to his whims. 



Soon after the trust was built, Rajapathi explained to her in all the seriousness of an actor that he was suffering from a kidney ailment and was in desperate need of money if a cure was to be found. Yes! This seems to be shaping out like the film “Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl” or “Naan Avan Illai” the Tamil film from which the former was copied, but those are films, this is real. 




Obviously, the-three-footer did not meet her in person, but when she agreed to help him out monetarily he met her as Sreedhar; there was no way she could have guessed it was Rajapathi because if you remember, his profile picture was morphed. So, Sreedhar, the real slim shady, told the young girl that Rajapathi was recovering in hospital and met often to collect the money aka hospital fee. Finally, she realized that she was being duped and lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police. 



A little tip from Team MTV – “Don’t get married to someone you have only met on facebook. That’s weird”





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