A State of Trance 600
Posted On 16th January, 2013 @ 16:33 pm by Aparajita Saxena

Music has always been a way of life, a direction and a purpose for not just people as individuals, but for various faiths too at a collective community level. It not only catalogues history, defines culture and brings people together, but also assists people therapeutically.


It also exists as mergers or collaborations as seen in music movements like ‘Sufism’. Music sews through the fabric of time, never letting go of a piece and thus helps in realising the past that has a bearing on the present. 


The music scene in India has seen progression from native traditional music to western classic influence and then finally, onto fusion from thereon. Going by the way music has diversified in the last decade it is but natural for India to see influxes of such diverse forms, beginning from the NH7 weekenders, Sunburn, Metallica concerts and Swedish House mafia’s one last tour to the upcoming ASOT600 concert that is to be held in Mumbai in March.


"It's not love for music, it's a passion, and it goes beyond liking and beyond a hobby, it's about a way of living... Music is essential for life”, says Armin Van Buuren, the presenter of ASOT 600, who loves trance music exceptionally. The idea behind this tour is to make ‘Trance’ as music, popular all over the world. While most mainstream media dismiss trance music and proclaim it dead, music lovers all over the world in their capacity to buy ASOT600 tickets prove otherwise.

Armin Van Buuren, a Dutch trance producer and DJ who will be playing at the ASOT600 events has been ranked number one by DJ Magazine. ‘A state of trance’ started as a weekly radio show that gathered 25 million listeners in 26 countries. From thereon, Van Buuren decided to take this concept to the world music stage.

Modern day trance is considered as a form of dance, a fusion of progressive and electronic music. It has several rhythms and these rhythms keep changing as the track progresses. Many people believe that rhythm is what is more important than melody or breakdown as far as dance music goes while others believe that trance music is purely a commercial affair.


For the youth music lovers in the country, ASOT600 is something they keenly look forward to. For a country that has a rich heritage in music which includes vocals and instrumentals, adapting and accepting a new concept like “trance” music isn’t a problem. Infact, traditional trance music is attributed to Shiva, an ardent lover of trance who would break out into a ‘tandava’ several times during his affair with music. It has been a part of Indian culture, albeit lost over time. Music lovers, regardless of whether they follow trance music or not keenly look forward to March 16th with high expectations from the event.

“Trance gives you feelings you can never forget”, says EDM@Pune, a twitter account devoted to electronic dance music scenes in Pune.


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