10 Lyrics By Gulzar Sahab That Pull At Our Heartstrings
Posted On 18th August, 2017 @ 13:22 pm by Ketaki Mankame


Writing is hard. Writing that can hold someone’s attention is harder. Writing that stirs up emotions in readers, the hardest. 


Gulzar saab has been nailing it, ever since he wrote his very first song Mora Gora Ang Layle for the 1963 film Bandini. The writer has been inspiring us with his epiphanies, teaching us how to love, and stirring a fire in our hearts by stringing word after word to convey extraordinary life lessons, that even half a century later they’re relevant and our favourites.


Out of the hundreds of songs the poet has written, we’ve picked 10 that never fail to lift our spirits. 








Creative 1



Creative 2



Creative 3



Creative 4



Creative 5



Creative 6



Creative 7



Creative 8



Creative 9




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