6 Pathetic Things People Do In The Name Of Holi
Posted On 27th February, 2018 @ 14:01 pm by Debanjan Dhar

Holi is not a social license to get wasted, become festival-heads, and create nuisance.

The festival of colour, happiness and the welcoming of Spring, the legend of Holi alludes to the trump of good over evil through sacrifice. So respecting the tradition, sentiments and the larger meaning of Holi, let’s talk about how not to be an asshole this year. Holi is not a social license to get wasted, become festival-heads, and create nuisance - take offense, especially when someone says ‘’bura na mano…”. And, you will have plenty of occasions to lose your shit. Here’s how some people mess Holi up.


1. Forcing, imposing Holi on people who’re not into it

A little muscle-Holi, every now and then is totally condoned by the society. Does making a fuss over getting smeared black by a drunken stranger make you a priggish brat? No it doesn’t.


point 1



2. Animals – not their kind of party.

Social animals that we are, some humans find it rude to not include the animals around in the party. People smear colours on strays and pets indiscriminately. Before the pets are washed, they have already licked the chemicals off their paws, only to fall seriously ill. The strays, even worse, are left alone to live with the colours drying up on their skin causing painful infections.


point 2point 2




3. Unleashing the perverse creatures out, hidden behind colours

Slipping a fistful of colour up her shirt, and taking time to smear it on the skin – a convenient accident, to be forgotten in the spirit of the festival. No way in Holi Hell!


point 3



4. Destroying public property

It just takes a bucketful of coloured water to turn a white wall into a purple one. But it took hard earned money, skilled manual labour and hours of effort to have painted it white in the first place. It’s the same with the car on which you spilled colours - water rolling down the bonnet, messing with the engine. Next time, it could be you at the receiving end.





5. Burning a thousand trees in one day

Celebrating the sacrifice of Holika, who jumped into the fire to save Prahlad, thousands of trees are burned every year in North India – a ritual that costs us dearly with destructive greenhouse emissions. Even at the risk of hurting religious sentiments, say no to the practice. Or at least, use dead trees.





6. Bring Holi down to the gutters

Rotten eggs, cow-dung, and grease to play Holi with – what an epic fail at culture. And, what’s with smashing each other balloons filled with gutter-water? Where’s the fun in smearing each other with uric acid of the entire neighbourhood? And all the filth calls for a clichéd pun – Holi sh*t.




If this list bothers you, the planet is glad to have people like you.

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