6 Things That Actually Exist In The World RN – Vol 2
Posted On 19th January, 2018 @ 17:58 pm by Ketaki Mankame


Sometimes it feels like humans have waaaay too much time on their hands. How else do you explain the existence of some of the most unnecessary man-made things in life? Remember the male romper? We reckon these innovators were either too bored for their own good, or decided to take an idea that struck them when they were high too seriously. Either way, these things exist now. Might as well try them out. Except for the piss beer. Seriously, anything but the piss beer. 

BTW, since the headline says volume 2, there’s obvio a volume 1 out already. Check it out.


1. Cuddle Mattress

Cuddle mattresses are designed to make sure your arm doesn’t fall asleep while cradling your partner’s head. Every few inches of the mattress has gaps to tuck in your toes, arms, nose—whichever body part needs tucking. So if your partner still complains about spooning being too uncomfortable for them, you know that they’re just not into the whole cuddling thing.





2. Barmate 

The Barmate might sound like a friendly name, but it’s career death for every bartender there is. This machine can whip you up a fancy AF cocktail in just about 30 seconds. All you have to do is load the ingredients and Barmate can get you wasted on as many as 300 varieties of cocktails. What else do you need on a Friday night?





3. Niitzuma LovelyXCation 

If you are/were an Otaku, you fancied a relationship with fictional characters more than real human beings. But just because they’re not real, doesn’t mean you cannot have a real relationship with them! There’s a VR game in Japan that lets men marry anime characters. They suit up, walk the altar, wear a VR headset and say their vows. They even get to kiss the bride! Don’t ask us how, we don’t wanna know.





4. Wobbling Willy

This one’s actually not a bad gifting idea for your SO, considering Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What is Wobbling Willy, you ask? It’s a dildo with your partner’s head carved where the balls should’ve been. Can’t get him off of your head? How about having his head inside you then? *brb, retching* All you have to do is go to their website, submit a headshot and they’ll carve the head for you. Never complain about not getting enough head again.





5. Friendship Lamp

These lamps are designed such that when your friend touches theirs, your lamp lights up! We mean, if you really wanted to let your friend know you were thinking about them, you could just give them a call instead of spooking them out in the middle of the night. But where’s the fun in that, really?





6. Piss Beer

We saved the best—in this case the worst—for the last. About two years ago, urine of 50,000 music-festival goers in Denmark was collected for the purpose of brewing Pisner. The makers say that the beer does not actually contain any human waste, since it was only used in fermenting the barley, but we’d still like to piss, oops, we mean pass.  





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