8 Reasons Why Finding A Barber Is Often As Difficult As Finding True Love
Posted On 25th November, 2016 @ 21:01 pm by Debanjan Dhar

We have all been bruised and battered in love. With all love’s labour lost, confused and dejected, what do we do to just feel a little better? Engage in

We have all been bruised and battered in love. With all love’s labour lost, confused and dejected, what do we do to just feel a little better? Engage in our favourite hobbies, workout at the gym, get a makeover with a cool haircut that makes us feel good about ourselves? Wait, let’s just stop you right there. Going to a barber for a haircut to get over your broken heart is not a good idea. It’s just going bring back all the emotional drama that a bad relationship brings with it. Some people are lucky in love and in salons, but most of us aren’t. Come to think of it, finding true love and a good barber are not very different at all. Think about it - 
1. Is your barber constantly finding faults in you? 
Your hair is not as messy as he says. Your split ends are only normal and your dandruff does not remind anyone of a white Christmas. Barbers can be mean creatures who are condescending to you the moment you walk into the salon – just like that good for nothing boyfriend of yours who just couldn’t see the good in you. 
2. Is your barber trying to sabotage you? 
Sometimes you walk into a relationship, all happy and full of life but walk out of it broken beyond repair. One wrong person is all takes to break your spirits and shatter your confidence. Another thing barbers are really good at. They may look charming at first with their clean aprons, smooth hands on the scissors and that soothing shampoo massage with which they lure you but it doesn’t take long to show their true colours as they leave you to face the world on your own with a ridiculous haircut





3. Is your barber not making the best of your shortcomings? 

The biggest red flag in a relationship, this is your cue to walk out. You may have a round face but your barber needs to accept that and work around it. Not give up entirely by placing a bowl on your head and crop around it! Katori-cut? No thanks. 
4. Is your barber never listening to you? 
Every relationship needs communication.  If your partner’s not listening to you, you’re basically dating Arnab Goswami. Barbers have a tendency of completely ignoring what you say. You walk in with a certain style in mind, tell your barber all about it and he totally talks you down and gives you whatever shitty haircut he wants to go with that day. That’s not healthy at all. It’s like a toxic relationship with a control freak who doesn’t let you decide for yourself. 

5. Is your barber not keeping promises? 
If there’s anything worse than dating someone who doesn’t listen to you, it’s dating someone who pretends to listen, then goes ahead and does whatever the hell. You have read enough Facebook posts to know that trust is like mirror – once broken, it can be mended but the cracks still remain. Same darned deal with barbers. You explain the style you want, they smile and nod at you and the moment you take those cucumber slices off your eyes, you see the sly punk has ruined your hair. Most trust issues are developed at salons. 
6. Is your barber trying to rob you of your money?  
This world is full of gold-diggers. If you’re not okay with being somebody’s sugar daddy or sugar mama, stop being one. The same goes for finding a good barber. Barbers, stylists, coiffeurs – call them by any name – all they want is one thing -- your money. All those products and hair treatments that they want to shove down your throat -- you don’t need them. 
7.  Is your barber making you feel this is the best you can get? 
If your relationship compels you to suck up to mediocrity, give up on your dreams and believe that this all that you deserve, there’s one perfect adjective for it – toxic. So if your barber tells you that you can’t get those bangs because you can’t pull it off, and sends you off with a boring blunt cut, dump that barber’s ass today. Baby, you’re a firework and always remember that. 
8. Do you keep going back to your barber because now it’s a habit, and you can’t bear the thought of starting over with someone else? 
We often do it – bid adieu to our self-respect, run to them at their booty calls, be at their beck and call and never give anyone else a chance because we feel it’s too much work to start a new relationship. Make sure your barber hasn’t become that one person whom you keep going back to even when you know he’s no good for you. You don’t have to live with that Donald Trump haircut for the rest of your life. Give someone else a chance. 
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