8 WWE Entries That Were So Cool That You Totally Wanted To Be A Wrestler
Posted On 31st March, 2017 @ 20:00 pm by Debanjan Dhar

The attitude era...

Have you ever broken your brother’s nose trying to give him a pedigree? Locked your sister into a submission hold until she tapped out, or agreed to hand over the remote? For all those who have walked around their house in their underwear pretending to be their favourite wrestler; or who have vehemently with against haters saying wrestling isn’t false, here are some of the most epic entries to the ring by your childhood icons from the attitude era.



1. Triple H







Triple H, the most beloved bad guy of WWE, making a brooding entry to the ring to the heavy metal riffs of Time To Play The Game by Motorhead, meant a riveting main event. The best part was him teasing the audience by taking his time before pouring the water in his mouth and then splashing a fountain in the air. What an entry! How many times have you splashed water all over you and your friends trying to be Triple H?



2. Undertaker







The Phenom always improvised his entry into the ring and barring his brief Harley-riding-badass-biker phase, he was always the most dreaded dead man. That sudden blackout followed by Paul Bearer leading a group of cloaked men carrying a coffin to the ring with eerie gothic music playing in the background – spine chilling stuff. Any guesses who lay within the wooden coffin?



3. Mr. McMahon







Nobody liked the megalomaniac chairman of WWE, but every time he walked into the ring with that peculiar gait, you knew something was up. That absolute disregard for his employees, the charming arrogance of a man of wealth and taste, backed by that perfect entry music called No Chance Hell – Mr. McMohan’s entry was all swag.



4. The Rock







Every time the arena speakers blasted the entry music, “If you smell…” the crowd went berserk. Why? Because the most electrifying man in sports entertainment was making his way to the ring. The Rock making his way to the ring was like a prowling beast, getting up on the ropes and sniffing the air while the millions… and millions of Rocks fans chanted his name – Gawd, it really made you wish you were there.



5. Stone Cold Steve Austin







ATB-driving, beer-drinking, ass-kicking son of a gun, the Texas Rattlesnake’s entry began with the sound of a glass shattering into pieces. He would ride a four-wheeled bike to the ring, or come on a truck, or simply walk the most badass walk. Once he reached the ring, the front-row audience would throw beer cans at him, and he would smash two cans against each other and guzzle the contents down like a monster.



6. Val Venis







Val Venis su*ked but his entry didn’t. He was never an A-lister but for some reason a lot of thought and effort was invested in his entry. Venis walking up to the ring in a towel to a sexy saxophone music, putting up a strange towel dance before taking it off and saying ‘Hello, ladies’ to the mic was weirdly cool.



7. Kurt Angle






The Olympic gold medalist was never a crowd favourite. Probably because he bragged about the medals a bit too much. And he wasn’t even subtle about it – he wore them all the freakin’ time. So every time Angle made an entry, the crowd would chant ‘You Suck’ to the beat of the orchestral entry music. And he enjoyed every bit of it.



8. Kane







There was something really sinister about this guy’s entry music, the red lights and that masked man making his way to the ring, almost staggering. The big red machine would reach the ring, raise his arms and bring them down only to raise a bsall of fire from each pole of the ring – it was the most menacing entry ever.






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