A Day In The Life Of An Employee On Notice Period
Posted On 16th June, 2017 @ 15:06 pm by Mihika Jindal



If you've already chalked out an exit plan and have had 'the talk' with your boss too, you're on the liberated side of things. With the beginning of notice period starts a phase that takes the felling of IDGAF to another level. Which partly amuses and partly infuriates both your boss and colleagues alike. While the boss considers waiving off the notice period altogether, here is what a typical day in the life of an employee on notice period looks like.


1. No more laughing at boss’ jokes

Huddling around your boss to laugh even at the poorest of jokes is something we’ve all done; either to get some headway into a long pending project, a good rating and even just your name on their list of favourites. But no more. You're free! You can now unabashedly be yourself.    





2. Pointing out mistakes

No one is perfect. Including your boss. All this time you’ve probably spotted a mistake but never had the real guts to bring it up. Until now. It’s surprising how you sudddenly discover your voice when there’s no fear of consequence.  





3. Give path breaking ideas

For path-breaking read in-executable. 

You are surprised at the ideas you can come up with when not buried under a series of tasks with unreal deadlines. It’s time for a brainstorming session, and you walk in, hurl world-class ideas, enough for the entire year, bask in the glory of being the brightest mind around, and walk off leaving the rest of the team struggling to get around the logistics required to execute your brilliant ideas. 

Aah! This is what delegation feels like.  





4. Extended personal calls and coffee breaks

The notice period is when your colleagues stop expecting things from you because one, they have to get used to your absence, and two because there’s no point anyway. This is when life at work starts seeming pretty—extended personal calls, eating meals at leisure and the luxury of keeping the phone face down on weekends.





5. Leaving office at 6 PM, sharp

Most offices have a non-negotiable in-time but the same doesn’t apply when the clock strikes 6 pm, the official time to leave. Get on your notice period, and you suddenly start adhering to convenient rules.

Pro tip: Leaving at 6 pm during this crucial period is the only way for you to recover your lost social life, because guess what -- the new job's going to suck you right in soon. 





6. Proposing weekday plans with office peeps

You have only a couple of weeks left in the office. While one part of you is still heaving a sigh of relief, the other part might be getting nostalgic (or delusional because office feels have changed since you put down your papers). So you’ll find yourself proposing random hangout plans after work (where you’ll leave at 6 PM to book a table, and have the rest join you after 8 pm). Also, you can afford to forget about/be late to the 10 am meeting the morning after, so why not?!



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