Complex Concepts That Alia Bhatt Helped Us Understand
Posted On 15th March, 2017 @ 19:31 pm by Mihika Jindal

Bollywood’s darling Alia Bhatt turned 24.

Bollywood’s darling Alia Bhatt turns 24 today and we can’t help but revisit her all-too-young-but-elaborate journey in the film industry — with her first appearance ever at the age of six in 1999 with Sangharsh (she played Preity Zinta’s younger self), to a lead role at the age of 19 in Student of The Year in 2012, Bhatt has accomplished more than most other 24-year-olds (No. Hiding your 20-whatever-year-old face is not going to redeem you).


With a varied filmography up her sleeves and many more in the pipeline (each one successively looking better than the last), she has been instrumental in helping us understand both serious and complex societal concepts super smoothly. 

Confused? Allow us to help you out:


1. Depression Decoded

With Dear Zindagi, Kaira (played by Bhatt) stirred quite a conversation around mental health and depression. Even in the 21st Century, when the country unanimously prefers to hide its face at the sound of anything to do with mental health, the fact that the film at least sparked a conversation was a step in the right direction. 


dear zindagi




2. Survival of the Fittest

Udta Punjab’s unnamed migrant labourer who ends up calling herself Mary Jane (what a genius reference to you know what) in the last scene has struggled to live through a terribly tragic life. From a pipe dream of playing hockey going up in smoke, to getting stuck between drug peddlers, getting physically and mentally abused and coming out of it relatively unscathed — a great lesson on survival there!  


udta punjab




3. Insomnia

Alia Arora from Shaandaar is a love child pitted against a legit child (her elder sibling) through the movie topped with a forever hateful daadi. All the anxiety obviously results in sleepless nights that snowballs into full-blown insomnia — tough. But it's normal, isn’t it? And she tackles it like a pro (getting a stud-muffin like Shahid Kapoor to cuddle with is obviously an advantage).






4. Cultural Tolerance

2 States got a lot of parents troubled by their kids tying knots beyond (what is family’s definition of) "acceptable" boundaries. But, for what reason? Alia and Arjun pretty much nailed the entire convincing-parents game (and someone please realise that a mixed gene-pool is a healthy way forward). We agree there were ups and downs, and by the time things came around, their mojo of being together for a lifetime had possibly died, but that’s exactly what one has to endure. A true test of love, we’d say.  



2 states




5. Stockholm Syndrome 

Read the definition of Stockholm Syndrome, and chances are that it will leave you more confused than before. But picture Alia Bhatt in Highway and you’ll be able to wrap your head around it instantly — it’s the fondness/comfort that Alia (victim) started feeling in presence of Randeep Hooda (kidnapper). 

See? Super simple!






6. Full Power Sport

A person who can laugh at themselves have truly won at life. Just like Alia. Remember her goofiest moment on KJo’s chat show? While the media lost its collective sh*t over Alia’s general knowledge (or lack thereof), she cracked a joke on herself. Alia Bhatt – Genius of The Year is by far the best example of accepting who you are with an undertone that not everyone needs to ace all games.


genius of the year



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