Dare To Take These Roads If You Call Yourself A Rider
Posted On 28th January, 2019 @ 13:46 pm by Mihika Jindal


Having a detailed map of India stuck on the most noticeable wall of your room is sure cool as hell! Having multiple routes marked on it with a black bold marker, cooler. But if you call yourself a hard-core rider, we have some route suggestions for you. After all, riding on the broad highway between Mumbai-Goa cannot be a rider’s pride.


1. Sela Pass

It’s no joke to be at an altitude of 13,700 ft. Just standing at that height can make you dizzy. About 417 km from Guwahati, route to the Sela Pass is one of the most challenging rides in India. A pass (fun fact: ‘La’ means pass) between Guwahati and the Buddhist town of Tawang, this ride is equal parts unnerving and stunning. Also, chances are that you would find some Army men trying to stop you with chains. Don’t freak out! Those chains are for the tyres to tackle the almost forever icy roads, and (luckily) not for you. Would you dare to take your beast there?                           




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2. Zoji La Pass

Another pass, Zoji La lies between Srinagar and Leh screaming out to the daredevils of riding. A little lower in altitude at 11,575 ft., there’s no taking away from the risk it poses. While there is another way to get to Leh (via Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh), dare to go through Zoji La to earn some genuine bragging rights.                        




Image credits: India Times


3. Three level Zig Zag road

One that can prove to be a driver’s worst nightmare, this route in Sikkim can get your head loopy and dizzy. While you should do it for its extreme scenic value, remember a stretch of about 30 km has more than 100 hairpin bends. A part of what was once called the Old Silk Route, this is a part of lower Himalayas in East Sikkim. Where will you finally reach? Thambi view point, at the altitude of 11,200 ft. from where you can see the entire stretch of this snaky route you just covered. Remember to get in touch with the right people before you head here as it requires special permissions.     




Image credits: dangerousroads.org


4. Killar to Kishtwar

This 120 km stretch across J&K and Himachal Pradesh, Kishtwar to Killar is called the ‘cliffhanger’, because all you’re riding on is a narrow pathway with rocky mountains on one side, and a river on the other. With no scope of fear, riding up this route will definitely earn you a story worth telling and retelling.                            




Image credits: dangerousroads.org


5. Kaza to Manali

Ever thought what it would be like to ride on the Himalayas? Well, this is as close as you can get to that. 209 km apart, nestled in Spiti Valley, this route is meant for adrenaline junkies. With scenic sights galore, and lots to see—Pin Valley, Key Monastery, Kibber Village, and Chandertal (a beautiful lake that people often trek to)—this is a must-go kinda ride.   




Image credits: citiestips.com

A trip to any of these places will guarantee you memories that’ll last a lifetime. Go make those memories. To watch stories of such unique adventures, watch CEAT MTV #ChaseTheMonsoon 5. Your journeys, our stories.


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