Deepika Padukone’s Poetry Is Terribly Young And Innocent
Posted On 21st February, 2018 @ 12:31 pm by Mihika Jindal




my attempt at poetry in the 7th grade!🙈😆😝

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We imagine Deepika Padukone was dusting her study this morning when she stumbled upon this neatly printed and preserved piece of poetry that she penned down back in grade 7.


 “I am a child with love and care

I wonder how far the stars reach

I hear the rush of the waves

I see the deep blue sea

I want to be a loving child of god

I am a child with love and care


 I pretend to be a blooming flower

I feel the soothing hands of god

I touched the mountains way so far

I worry if I am liked by all

I cry for the ones who need gods tender touch

I am child with love & care


I understand that life must end

I say you must work hard

I dream what I ought to dream

I try to do my very best

I hope I deserve the very best

I am a child with love and care”



Aw. That’s an honest AF account of a 13-year-old who has her values in place, is real, honest and is perhaps a tad more aware of her surrounding than kids her age. While the poetry misses to be anything poetic, we can’t stop obsessing over how adorable it really is!


Wrote something recently, Deepika? Post it. We are eager to read more!  

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