Dream Theatre: 5 Bollywood Movies That Would Make For Really Powerful Plays
Posted On 27th March, 2017 @ 18:59 pm by Ketaki Mankame

The grandeur of Bajirao Mastani, the passion of Pink, imagine watching it all IRL!

Technology has drastically changed the way we consume entertainment. Watching movies in IMAX or 4D theatres has made the entire experience unreal and overwhelming. But nothing can beat watching artists perform their art in flesh and blood. There’s no scope for error – which means no corrections, making it in many ways, the most real form of art.


Nothing can beat witnessing the raw emotion these artists feel when they perform live. The energy or ‘vibe’ they pass on to their audiences is a major part of why theatre is still alive. While movies are being increasingly adapted from plays, it would be a real challenge to turn movies into plays. But we think the challenge would be worth it. 


1. Tamasha

A movie like Tamasha, where the protagonist is going through an emotional and mental journey of finding himself is a great premise for the theatre. Witnessing the plethora of emotions Ved and Tara go through in two and a half hours on a stage, just a few feet away from where you are sitting would need extraordinary acting talent. Imagine what a wonderful thing it would be if the actors manage to nail it. And then putting up a play at the end, inside a play. (No, we’re not going to crack the joke you’re thinking of right now.)






2. Bajirao Mastani

Gritty war scenes, a blooming love story, and endless dance performances (especially Deewani Mastani) on stage would be like being transforming back to the days of the Peshwa dynasty. While the movie was really good, considering the actors can pull it off, the final death scene would actually make a lot of people tear up.






3. Pink

This courtroom drama wouldn’t be very difficult to adapt for the stage for obvious reasons. But we think that the passion, desperation and the headstrong nature of the characters would be amplified to no extent if it all happens right in front of our eyes. It would feel like a real court hearing. The message of the movie, ‘No means no’ would be so much more impactful in this case, considering the audience is actually held as the jury.






4. Angry Indian Goddesses

A big reason why we’d love to watch this one as a play is because the theatre has no censor cuts. Many of the scenes from this movie went to the sharks, rightfully angering fans. Even though these scenes were very crucial for the movie to progress towards the climax, they were left out from the film. Sixteen scenes total were lopped off, which resulted in a confused audience and an ending that just wasn’t impactful enough anymore. In a play at least, Angry Indian Goddesses would’ve gotten the justice it deserved.






5. Trapped

Starring Rajkumar Rao, Trapped was one of those rare movies that left us extremely satisfied. While it would be a bit of a challenge to pull this off on a theatre stage, we’re sure Rao has the acumen to handle all eyes on him for almost the entire duration of the play. 



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