Drink With Doggos: A Head's Up For Every Pet Parent
Posted On 19th June, 2017 @ 19:23 pm by Mihika Jindal



It can be really disappointing to realise that the event you planned months ago has coincided with India-Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy final match. But the fear of failure doesn’t even come close when doggos are involved.



Pet Fed, a Delhi-based initiative founded by Akshay Gupta, is all about events where pets and their parents chill and hangout at the cool places in town without getting into the mishmash of permissions and frowns from pet non-lovers. “Since our inception in Delhi, we’ve been getting a lot of requests from across the country and especially Mumbai. Because of the lack of open spaces I guess. This year you’ll see Pet Fed events happening across the country, not just Delhi and Mumbai,” said Akshay Gupta.







Drinks with Doggos, Pet Fed’s first event, was held yesterday at Thalassa in Khar(W), and it was every bit worth missing the match (not like the match yielded any exciting results, anyway). When asked if the organisers were even a tad worried about people not turning up because of the match, and Gupta said: “The match wasn’t a concern because it was a limited entry event with only 100 seats. Considering the amount of requests we have been getting, we knew that 100 seats will get filled up the moment we make it live. Though we wouldn't want such a clash happening with Pet Fed Mumbai (annual event) 2017!” And they were right.



The clock struck 5, and the kind of dogs that started pouring in were the ones we only see in the magazines. A holistic bunch—there were Pugs, Beagles, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Shi Tzus, Pomeranians, Indian dogs, a Siberian Husky and what not. And the way they entered the gates was nothing short of a premium red carpet event. From a Shi Tzu in a minion suit to another one with a polka dotted pin holding his hair up, they looked groomed and lit AF (obviously beating us shabby race of humans). Then I stumbled (literally) on a really tiny Yorkshire terrier named Barfi who was fit to feature in advertisements for leading hair products.








While humans barely spoke to other humans because they were busy getting deets about these little babies, I was caught with a pet parent of a female pug. As all other dogs tailed each other on the ground, this one sat on a chair like a boss. I approached the owner to ask her name and pat came the reply, “Ask her”. (His prompt answer made me believe that he was dying for someone to ask this question. Strike one.) His grin suggested I had myself trapped, and her name, for real, was ‘Ask Her’ (the things people do…) Right under the same chair sat another pug-looking furry-friend. He turned out to be a Lhasa-Pug. I again enquired, “What’s his name?” And he rather excitedly exclaimed, “Exactly!” (Strike two.) He was called ‘What’. And that’s not enough, there was a full-grown retriever who came wearing a diaper (who even thought dog diapers were a real thing?!)








The place got packed soon after and it was time for the games to begin. The first game, Temptation Alley, was a straight path lined with treats on either side. And the dog to cross this straight path without getting tempted, in least amount of time, was declared the winner. Next up was a doggo version of Simon Says where the challenge was to get your pooch to adhere to orders, which went from simple ones to complex things. And then there were other little games like Find the Treat and Catch It to keep the canines occupied.








In between all of this, humans could enjoy Thalassa’s burgers and Mediterranean cuisine, everything for pets was on the house. Over and beyond the goodie bag, there was a dog buffet that consisted of home cooked rice, eggs, and potatoes plus some yummy sausages and special dog ice cream done by Waggie Zone.








A four-hour event was an immersive experience topped with cuteness. For those who missed out on this event, don’t worry as Pet Fed has a couple of things lined up for the coming months. “(Our) plan ahead is to continue these smaller events to keep the community closer. And have our annual event in December,” Gupta told us.

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