From Jhumri Telaiya To Timbuktu, 6 Places You Didn’t Know Are Real
Posted On 27th June, 2017 @ 16:48 pm by Mihika Jindal


Heard Jagga Jasoos’ latest song yet? It’s the one in which Ranbir Kapoor claims he comes from Jhumritalaiyya, and thinks Katrina Kaif belongs to something called Timbuktu.


If you’ve been thinking “kuchh bhi…!”, allow us to give you a quick crash course in geography.


The deeper you get into a map, the higher are your chances of reaching a place with a weird AF name that will both twist your tongue and blow your mind. We reflected on our daily idioms, and tried figuring if these places exist for real. And guess what? They do!


Cheggit out!


1. Jhumri Telaiya

“Jhumri Telaiya se aaye ho kya…”, is what you might hear if your city’s name is something as bizarre. Situated in Jharkhand, Jhumri Telaiya is synonymous with lesser known or insignificant places. Why? Because back in the ‘50s, when requesting songs on FM radio was still a cool thing to do, a businessman named Rameshwar Prasad Barnawal would flood the channel with song requests just to hear his and his city’s name repeatedly. The trend caught on, and other people started sending in requests too, which led RJs to believe that Jhumri Telaiya is the name of a fictitious place that people are randomly using.





2. Timbuktu

Every time you propose an outlandish plan to your friends, chances are they’ll retort with “isse achha Timbuktu chal lete hain…”.

Situated in Mali, Africa, Timbuktu is that place that has been portrayed in a mysterious manner by many historians. Enough for people from the Western world to say “Timbuktu” when they simply mean “a distant place”.





3. Bhad

Bhad mein ja…” is the single most common expression used in moments of frustration, as a direct translation of “go to hell.” BUT, turns out Bhad is a small village in Gujarat with all of 274 families. Makes us wonder why all those who were asked to go to Bhad haven’t reached there yet? Shouldn’t Bhad be the most populated village already?





4. Bathinda

If you’ve kept your friend waiting too long, you might have to face the wrath of “Itna time laga diya…Kahan se aa raha hai? Via Bathinda?” Often said to mean the longest possible route, it’s a popular taunt used on people who are perpetually late. But don’t let the adage fool you, for Bathinda is a full city in Punjab.





5. Jhunjhunu

While this feels like we got a name for the sound that a child’s rattle-toy makes, it’s actually a place in Rajasthan, extremely popular for age-old havelis, and royal palaces. For those who have no idea this exists for real, they often use it to rubbish a person or an argument altogether—“What a weirdo! Jhunjhunu se hoga!”





6. Saki Naka

All you grownups have obviously heard others say ‘Teri maa ki Saki Naka…'  We’ll avoid getting to the roots of this one and leave it on you to figure where that idiom began (or if it’s the convenient adaptation of something more abusive). But what we want to tell you is that Saki Naka too is a place situated in the heart of Mumbai suburbs. 






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