From Moonwalk To Crotch Grab, 7 Signature MJ Moves & The Stories Behind Them
Posted On 25th June, 2017 @ 12:17 pm by Ketaki Mankame


There’s a reason why thousands of dancers across the world worship MJ. Because he was never a man, he’s a legend. Even eight years after his untimely demise, we listen to his music and try to groove to it like MJ once did. But did you know that the moonwalk wasn’t his invention? Also, do you know the secret behind his anti-gravity lean from Smooth Criminal? Thought so.


Allow us to take you through some of his most iconic dance moves, and the stories behind each of them. If you think you’d be able to nail these steps after knowing their secrets, don’t kid yourself. Nobody can beat the King of Pop. Nada.


1. The Moonwalk

What’s said to be Jackson’s signature move, The Moonwalk became a rage after the popstar did it during his performance of Billie Jean in 1983. Although Jackson didn’t invent the move, it only became popular after he performed it. Call our judgement skewed if you may, but many will agree that only the Kind of Pop really knew how to do it right. 





2. The Anti-gravity Lean

When we first saw the music video of Smooth Criminal, we were convinced that this man has the godly powers of defying gravity and every sort of logic that exists. We mean, JUST HOW?! Sadly, our illusion was shattered when after 38 years of his career as a dance god the truth behind nailing the move came out. Turns out, Jackson and his team had created a shoe with an extending slot at the bottom of the heel to help him nail the 45 degree lean effortlessly. 


But even if we had the shoes, who’d really be able to nail it? 





3. The Spin

One spin is okay, two is good, three is also acceptable, but what is this sorcery by MJ? How do you spin multiple times without falling flat on your face? While it did send a crowd in a roaring frenzy, we wonder how much practise it must’ve taken for MJ to perfect this one himself. Or maybe, considering his skillset, he didn’t need any practise at all.





4. The Crotch Grab

Every time Jackson did the crotch grab live millions of hearts skipped a beat and people went wild screaming. However, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jackson said that he’s a slave to the music and couldn’t really stop himself. But some others believe that Jackson knew the kind of effect that move had on his fans, which is exactly why it became one of his signature steps. 





5. The Hip Thrust

While the popstar was at it, he kick-started one of the most sexual moves to have ever existed. The hip thrust, also known as the pelvic thrust became one of his most popular moves. While many try this move on a daily basis, we strongly believe none will be able to nail it like he did. Geddit, GEDDIT?





6. The Toe Stand

While this is the first thing ballerinas learn to do, they don’t have to spontaneously jump from a moonwalk to the toe stand. Which is exactly what MJ did. The moonwalk and toe stand came hand in hand. In fact, the first time MJ performed the moonwalk on Billie Jean, he finished it up with a classy toe stand. 





7. The Hat Move

All he did here was wear a fedora, but boy the way he did it was enough for a simple act to be counted as one of his most legendary moves! Bet you can’t wear a hat like he does. 






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