Kapil And I Are Like SRK and Salman Of TV, Says Krushna, And We Need A Moment To ROFL
Posted On 27th June, 2017 @ 13:45 pm by Debanjan Dhar


We all know how comedians Kapil Sharma and Krushna are at loggerheads. There had been rumours of the two putting an end to their differences and coming together for a show earlier this year. However, that didn’t happen. Krushna will be starring in a brand new show, The Drama Company, which is also going to have Kapil’s estranged co-star Ali Asgar. Kapil Sharma had been in the headlines for quite some time following an ugly spat with Sunil Grover, and while Grover is all set to give stiff competition to Sharma, Krushna’s show on Sony TV is yet another challenge to Sharma’s monopoly in prime-time comedy. 



While Krushna and Kapil are both able comedians who have made a mark in the industry over several years, one little statement by Krushna got us thinking whether we should be laughing at his jokes/antics or him. So here’s what he said at an interview to HT. 

“Kapil and I are like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan of TV. But unlike these superstars, we are not friends. We don’t talk to each other, but when we do, we respect each other. One should appreciate talent, and we are both very talented. I am waiting for the day when we both get an opportunity to work together.”

Let’s take a moment to ROFL for the first line of the quote. Not taking away the body of work of Krushna Abhishek, but drawing the analogy of SRK-Salman rivalry just blaringly points out how inconsequential the Krushna-Kapil spat is. 

Just to put things in perspective, if Krushna and Kapil are the SRK and Salman of TV, the following also holds true: 


1. Dhinchak Pooja is the Norah Jones of India




2. Tamim Iqbal and Imrul Kayes are the Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly of Bangaldesh. (Tamim who? Exactly.)




3. Tahir Shah is the A.R Rahman of Pakistan 




4. Mamata Banerjee is the Joan of Arc of Kolkata 




5. Kamal R. Khan is the Noam Chomsky of twitter. 



The above observations make perfect sense if Krushna’s statement is to be taken seriously. 


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