Kunal Kapoor’s Before And After Pics After 6 Months Of Training Demand Respect
Posted On 16th March, 2017 @ 20:35 pm by Debanjan Dhar

Hot or not?

When the first look of Veeram was released a few months ago, a brawny Kunal Kapoor, with tribal paint all over his body and a face suggesting a terrific war-cry looked absolutely gorgeous. However, not much hue and cry was made about the hard work put in by Kapoor to get in the skin of the 16th century warrior, Chandu Chekavar. And why would his blood and sweat be the talk of the internet? He’s no Aamir Khan promoting Dangal…





But talent, fire and such bulging muscles don’t remain under wraps for long. So when the actor decided to put a set of pictures of his progress over six months of training on Twitter, his followers were left hooting over the LCD screens. Here’s the Tweet that got the temperatures soaring on Twitter.






Is it possible to achieve such a transformation in six months? Well, all the young boys and girls who have flocked to the gyms of the city today after stumbling across the Tweet, are going to find out. But if you ask the man himself, he’d say it’s possible with hard work and motivation. Here’s what he had to say


 "I was training like a beast for almost six months. I have always been fit but this is the fittest and most muscular I have ever been. I play a warrior in the film and I wanted to make sure I felt and looked like one"

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