Ladies Special Playlist: 5 Songs From Angels Of Rock That Are All About Girl Power
Posted On 7th March, 2017 @ 16:36 pm by Ketaki Mankame

You go, girl!

There shouldn’t be a day to celebrate women. But since the calendar has one marked out, we thought of putting together a fantastic playlist of songs made by inspirational women about even more inspirational women who are kicking some real ass out there. 


From running full-fledged radio stations on their own, putting out fires like real champs and being responsible citizens even if that means going out and cleaning the streets with their bare hands, here’s a salute to all of these women, and to you for being a star. Cheers!


1. Khwaaish

Shalmali Kholgade composed a hopeful song before the Angels began their journey to find inspirational women across the country and give them their much-deserved spot in the limelight. Khwaaish became the journey song for these women and the lyrics gave them strength and hope. Talking about what a woman is capable of doing, and how she’s independent, this one helped us get through many challenging days while tapping our feet.




2. Huumma 

Inspired by the female firefighters of Jaipur, Akasa Singh, one of our Angels Of Rock composed a song saluting their spirit with the help of the other angels. Huumma is a song about the different avatars a woman portrays through her lifetime. The music is upbeat and makes you want to move with it. A feel-good song for every woman who is out there in the world, playing her many roles that nobody else can match up to. 




3. Agar Tu

The angels visited a small village in Gujarat, where there’s a radio station run by only women ‘Rudi No Radio’. Jasmine Sandlas with fellow angels wrote a moving song Agar Tu inspired by the togetherness of these women and how they are each other’s pillars of strength. Wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that it was one of the most popular songs from the season. 




4. Jaagde Ke Sutte

In a city like Ludhiana, where people can be extremely careless with litter, there is a group of responsible women who come together to clean the streets. Moved by their selfless work to keep the city clean and safe, Jasmine Sandlas with the other three Angels came up with an energetic Punjabi track that made us all get up on our feet and groove to the music that told the story of these inspiring women.





5. Ghoomar

Adding an EDM twist to folk music, Anusha Mani composed a fun track Ghoomar, which celebrated womanhood. The Angels visited the village of Piplantari where they plant 100 trees as a celebration every time a girl child is born. While the rest of the country still struggles to understand the importance of women, these villagers treat them with such honour, it’s beautiful to see them celebrate their existence in the world. It just had to be written. 



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