Live Music, Gourmet Food And Fast Cars – Luxe Drive Live MTV Sessions Are Back
Posted On 19th September, 2018 @ 12:54 pm by Debanjan Dhar


Luxe Drive Live returns with MTV Sessions to kickstart the festive season with a heady mix of food, music, and the slickest wheels in town. Experience a terrific display of the best cars from one of the best automobile companies in the world, enhanced with live music and gourmet food. All set to hit seven cities in three months, consider this your heads-up to open up your calendars and save the date.






Starting 8 September, 2018 the magic will continue till 25 November 2018 over Lucknow, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune. As you witness the whole roster of Mercedes-Benz wonders on the track, the hottest musical acts from the country will be enriching the experience. Kamakshi Khanna, Hari & Sukhmani, Komrebi, Maati Baani and The Yellow Diary are just some of the names that are going to be touring with the Luxe Drive Live.







Besides an unbeatable line-up of some of the finest musicians in India, Luxe Drive Live MTV Sessions also brings back celebrity chef Ranveer Brar enthralling you with his unique gastronomical plating techniques. Only, this time, he’s also going to host a unique workshop in gourmet cooking and food photography.








And, then of course, we have the showstoppers - choose from a line-up of some of Mercedes Benz' finest models, and even get to take some of them for a spin on the tracks. Get free car evaluations, and a true patron knows those are hard to come by for luxury models. But most importantly, have a good time!


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