Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive, Amped With MTV Sessions Is Coming To Bangalore This Weekend
Posted On 22nd February, 2018 @ 11:26 am by MTV Editor


Adrenaline, Gourmet, and Soul-stirring Live Music—three reasons why you must be in Bangalore this weekend. A long drive is pretty much incomplete without some music to set the mood right and some delicacies to savour. And so, this time around, Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive Live is bringing you MTV sessions with immensely talented artists across genres and culinary experiences with Chef Ranveer Brar who will treat patrons to some exclusive epicurean delights and host live demos and workshops at the event. Entry is by invitation only, so you had better pull some strings right away!


Here’s what’s in store for Bangalore this weekend:


1.            Live music to amp up your driving experience

The Bangalore-based rock band, Parvaaz, known for their unusual combo of rock music and Urdu poetry will be there to make sure you keep head banging throughout the weekend. The newest band from the land of coconuts, as they describe themselves, When Chai Met Toast is going to be there too with the local pop/funk/disco act Clown With Frown. And last but not the least, Tejas Menon and Band will be there to spread some love with their soothing pop melodies.


2.            Cars to satiate your need for adrenaline

Being a car-lover’s paradise, you’ll find the finest of Mercedes-Benz cars at the event. And if driving a Mercedes-Benz wasn’t a surreal experience itself, there’s also going to be a specially designed track for you to take the cars for a spin. It’s natural to fall in love with the Mercedes-Benz once you lay your hands on the wheel. Professional racing drivers, led by renowned motorsport personality, Hari Singh will highlight performance, luxury, and technological quotient of the cars. So make sure you make the most of the self-drive zones and extended drive durations.


3.            Delicacies for a hearty appetite

If you think cars and live music is all there is to the event, get ready to enter a gourmet heaven with the celebrity chef Ranveer Brar. It’s not just about filling up, it’s about the art of cooking too. To celebrate this very important aspect of the finer things in life, Chef Ranveer will introduce your taste buds to culinary heaven. And not just that, he’s going to make sure you learn a thing or two about gourmet cooking through fun workshops and live demos.


Get ready for a weekend full of fast cars, live music and gourmet food only at Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive Live.  


To experience the best of luxury, block your calendar for this weekend and register on immediately! 


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