More Than A Birdie: Wild Encounters On The Golf Course That Will Both Unnerve and Amuse You
Posted On 12th January, 2017 @ 12:48 pm by Mihika Jindal

Funny things can happen at funny times.

While a lot of us pay crazy money and travel for hours and hours out of everyone’s way for an intimate brush with wildlife, others get it all for free, minus any effort, usually when they least expect it. Take, for instance, this elite bunch of unsuspecting golfers who have happy – often frustrating – chance encounters with creatures big and small on the course, smack in the middle of a game. From a family of ducks passing through the bunker and a mildly irate alligator, to an iguana who decided to throw in a surprise challenge by repositioning the ball from where it had landed – this video on the official PGA Tour Facebook page documents 10 of the craziest, most hilarious confrontations between man and sweet beasts. 


Moment 10

Because when a swarm of bees comes a-buzzing, you’d best all hail nature and immediately lie prostrate.   






Moment 9

This duck has its priorities right — first feed me, and then you can have your game. But, FEED ME FIRST.






Moment 8

Looks like this iguana has keenly been observing the game. Which is why it has decided that the golfer should take his next shot from a different point — he comes, he relocates, he f**ks off. Beautiful.





Moment 7

Hawks are known for their sharp vision and being able to nail their target, straight and clear. But there are exceptions to every rule, like this guy, picking relentlessly on a microphone. Who has the nerve to get pissy when it can’t pick it up. Douche.






Moment 6

How far is far enough when it comes to an alligator? We’d say nothing less than a kilometre, at least? But these golfers are brave hearts. Friendly advice: do not try this at home, or elsewhere.





Moment 5

As golfers focus hard on that birdie, this turtle is focussed on getting its dive right. Sportsmen spirit, much!





Moment 4

This turtle wanted to be a caddie when it grew up. And it’s doing a damn good job, we’d say. But not for long — either nature’s call struck the turtle at the wrong time, or it got all stressed out with all that attention. Aw. 





Moment 3

This tour guide is nothing less than the Bear Grylls. And it’s making us sit at the edge of our seats. 





Moment 2

We may be staring wide-eyed and wary, but these intense interactions are NBD for some golfers – check out Tiger Woods looking absolutely unmoved as a squirrel is made to sit on his neck, and how coolly he just takes it off him. Erm. 





Moment 1

This is what happens when a seagull is stubborn. It has decided that this game is not to be. Not. To. Be.




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