Not #TheDress Again! This Time It’s Matching Flip Flops
Posted On 21st November, 2016 @ 16:05 pm by Ketaki Mankame

Good job, Havaianas.

In February last year, the internet went nuts trying to figure out whether #TheDress was actually white and golden or blue and black in colour. It stirred an entire scientific community into action, all researching the difference in human colour perception, and people couldn’t calm down until the label ‘Roman Originals’ (where the dress came from) declared that it was actually black and blue. 







And here we are a year and a half later, staring hard at this pair of Havaianas, which poses exactly the same kind of chaos and confusion. Brought to everyone’s attention through a Portuguese Twitter handle @falsiane, the internet is going nuts yet again. We already know what the real colour of the flip flops is, what do you see? Drop in your comments on Facebook. 

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