Poo Paradise: Presenting the Most Beautiful Public Toilets Around the World
Posted On 20th March, 2017 @ 12:20 pm by DD

Restore your faith in poo paradise.

Unless you're one of the lucky few who can brace a public toilet and not have your lunch try to make a reappearance, we have to tell you, there’s still hope. These public toilets from around the world will restore your faith in poo paradise, 'cause it's real, guys.


1. Japan’s Loo With a View


This toilet in Ichara, Japan offers the most serene loo experience with a panoramic view of the 200-sq ft park. The toilet is guarded with a fence to ensure privacy, and is only open to women.




 Fecebility is everything, amirite?


2. Europe’s Urilift Pop-Up Toilets


These toilets were built to tackle public urination, and they look like something straight out of Hogwarts. These cylindrical toilets are made of stainless-steel and rise from the ground during the early hours of the morning. The drainage units on the floor prevent “accidents” for the more wobbly and less coordinated folk. 





Are you listening, Gormint?


3. Swiss Transparent Toilet


If your Twitter bio reads "adventurous", but you haven’t taken a dump in a transparent cubicle yet, then you’re just lying to the world. These glass toilets are designed to have electrically-charged doors that turn opaque once occupied.  





Such science, much wowza.


4. Stegastein's Lookout Toilet


This minimalistic toilet in Norway offers the most breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and greens.





Did someone say nature’s call?



5. Texan Trail Restroom


This toilet in Austin, Texas is built to suit its surroundings and landscape with a design that makes it look like a sculpture. The toilet looks like an object with uneven steel plates, lined across the border, coiling into a tail.




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