Queen Of Puns: Alia Shows Her Quirky Side In The Second Teaser Of Dear Zindagi
Posted On 24th October, 2016 @ 13:20 pm by Ketaki Mankame

Thanks guys, for yet another mood lifter.

The first teaser of SRK and Alia Bhatt starrer Dear Zindagi gave us a glimpse into both SRK and Bhatt’s characters. From playing kabaddi with the sea to riding bicycles on the quiet streets of Goa, it was an instant mood lifter. 


Now the second teaser is out, and it’s even better than the first. Alia Bhatt reminds us of that one friend who just can’t stop cracking lame puns. 

giphy 2




Bhatt’s character, Kyra otherwise looks bubbly and chirpy, just the way she is IRL. SRK’s character, Jug, seems like an interesting man with a low tolerance to Kyra’s lame jokes, which is fair enough TBH. Can’t wait for November 25. Unless, of course, they’re just releasing the whole movie as a series of these teasers. Hey, that’s an idea, Bollywood. You’re welcome. 
Haven’t the second teaser here: