Quotes By Javed Akhtar That Are Relatable AF In Real Life Situations
Posted On 17th January, 2018 @ 18:45 pm by Debanjan Dhar


For decades, Javed Akhtar has mesmerised us with words. He has expressed our emotions in ways we never thought was possible. He has spoken for us through his poetry – given meaning to the wayward wanderings of the mind. The poet, lyricist and screenwriter, Javed Akhtar turns 73 today. So we decided to celebrate the legend through his art, his verses and its relevance our day to day, not so poetic lives. 



1. When your BFF stops tagging you in memes 


Jab Jab Dard Ka Baadal Chay

… Humne Dil Ko Yeh Samjhaya

Dil Aakhir Tu Kyun Rota Hai

Duniya Mein Yunhi Hota Hai


2. When you fail a test paper but so has the entire class 


Yeh jo gehre sannate hain

Waqt ne sabko hi baante hain



3. When it finally rains after scorching summer… for just five minutes 


Ab agar aayo to jane

ke liye mat aana

Sirf ehsaan jatane

ke liye mat aana



4. When you promise to get over your crush but stalking is life 


Aaj maine aapna phir sauda kiya,

Aur phir mein dur se dekha kiya. 


5. When someone tells you that quitting your corporate job for a startup career is too risky


Kyo darein zindagi mein kya hoga

Kuch na hoga to tajruba hoga

Hasti aakhon mein jhaank kar dekho

Koi aasu kahi chupa hoga



6. When all your friends have settled down and you’re the only one living in a bachelor pad and partying every night


in charaġhon mein tel hi kam tha

kyuun gila phir hameñ hava se rahe



7. When it’s Saturday night at the club but your’e going stag


Yeh Zindagi Jo Hai Naachti Toh

Kyon Bediyon Mein Hai Tere paanv



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